July 18, 2018

Good Morning!

Hopefully the whole day will be good lol. Wish I was on a beach somewhere right now though…sighs.

I don’t have much time to write anymore & that sucks. If you want your dreams to come true, you gotta bust your ass to make it happen. Sometimes doors only open when you clear the rubble out from in front of it to turn the knob…… Nobody said it’ll be easy because its not.

There’s at least a moment a day where I wanna scream & say screw it, but I want what I want way too much.

Also, I sat on my porch last night listening to music that I relate too very well. Mostly my rock n roll. I stand alone & I know me, I know my heart, I know what I’m capable of, I know my weaknesses, etc. But very few take the time to even get to know me other than to use me. Sucks. I always say ‘one day’ someone will come along who is as tired as I am with relationship bullshit, & wants something as real and pure as I do. Hopefully he’s out there & can find me of course lol.

Last night before dark, I ran, walked, exercised, & goofy danced making my dogs look at me like I’m an idiot haha. I did it all outside because (its weird) but I’m tired of hiding if that makes sense? Yea sounds weird to you I’m sure lol but I felt a little bit ‘free’ just not giving 2 fks lol.

Okay so I gotta get the day started already. This post is way short. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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