Hey…Get Serious!

Hey…Get Serious!

All Smiles!

So over the past few days after taking everything in with finances, my sons, etc. I started brainstorming & I’ve done a lot of planning in my head. I’ll be jotting it all down in a day or two. I came to this point & realized I’m tired, I’m through with living like I do, & I want more out of life. But first I have to fix the mess I’m in & that is what I’ve already began getting serious about.

No one is coming to my rescue but me. I’m sure I’m not the only that feels like that. It’s funny how you can go from having so many people around you down to none.

I’m not going to tell anyone my plans…. No one, and there’s a reason for that. People have a tendacy to tear your plans into pieces because they feel intimidated or they simply don’t want you to succeed. It’s cruel but there’s a lot of cruel people, & most are too lazy to work towards what they want so they don’t see a reason for you to succeed either.

  1. Recognize
  2. Think it all through
  3. Design yourself a plan
  4. Keep it to yourself
  5. Work at it everyday
  6. Make charts or download a program you can follow
  7. Keep at it no matter what it is or what it’s about

One day when all my business is took care of, I will do a detailed post on it to show others. But until then in order to stay focused, keeping it to myself is the best thing to do.

I’m not a college edumacated person lol, but I’m far from stupid. Dumb decisions don’t make you dumb, continuing them does. Let’s just say if my momma was alive she would flip out! Two men & one woman would’ve had their ass beat along with my own lol. Me being heartbroken=Momma bear will attack! Where do y’all think I get my smart ass mouth from? Haha…. Love you momma, RIP.

I intend on doing some extraordinary things for myself & for my boys, but only I know what the plans are.

If you have something in your life that needs fixed or changed or whatever, take the first step…..And do it!

It’s 2am & I can’t hardly hold my eyes open, so therefor have yourself a nice day.


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