One Month

One Month

Hello strangers. It’s been one month since I’ve wrote anything in my blog.

My life has been crazy & quite a few bad things have happened. Not going to go into detail right now.

I honestly just didn’t have any words to say, well write. There’s several people that I simply don’t want knowing of my life anymore. They have tried to bring me down, make me out to be this horrible person. They do not deserve to even know of me anymore. But you get the picture.

I’m writing this & searching for words, I still don’t really have much to share.

I do however have realized just how alone I am. I have removed myself from anyone that wasn’t good for me……there isn’t too many left so it’s pretty quite. Less drama though which is nice.

The struggling still continues of course. It’s actually a lot worse than it was but I’m too embarrassed & bothered by it to throw it out there & talk about it. I don’t know why my whole life has had to be this difficult but apparently there’s a reason for it all.

Most people drool over vacation ideas they dream up. Right now I dream of a hot shower, a bed to sleep in & eating hot food every night after work. That’s all I’ll say but the struggle is real in deed. I literally begged for help to keep some things from happening like they did, but no one budged. That’s alright though, I’ll make it. I don’t understand how so many people can watch & know you need a little help, but turn their head & act like they don’t see you need help. I couldn’t do it.

Anyways, other than all that I guess I’m okay for the most part. I had a little break down today, first time I cried in awhile. I don’t know how come my tear ducts aint dried up yet. These ladies that work at a certain store must be able to sense I’m in need because they keep giving me free food & drinks, gonna make me fat lol but I’m appreciative of them. People like that are a blessing, neither has questioned or judged me. They talk girl talk with me like they’ve known me forever lol.

It kinda feels good to write though. That’s my real dream…..write & travel. Oh my I get lost thinking about it. Weird how I wasn’t able to write for a whole month though, hopefully it won’t happen again lol.

Well that’s all I got lol.

Have a good night & tomorrow.


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