You Will Learn In This Life…..

You Will Learn In This Life…..

Without a doubt you will see real fast who’ll be there for you & who won’t. It’s such an awful world anymore. People will sit & watch you do without & suffer but won’t budge to lend you a hand. I think what a lot of people need to understand is what will happen if shit goes south for them? Those they refused to help will damn sure turn their head in return as a favor, most will anyway. I personally couldn’t because I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing they need something, especially if I was perfectly capable of helping.

I am currently being unfairly judged by people that don’t even know me at all & don’t even know what’s really going on. I’m not going into detail on here about it but God knows all about it, & I know without a doubt He will get revenge & handle it all. I’m being judged as a horrible person, they just accept rumors about me.

I’m supposedly a very bad influence on my sons.…. This is coming from people……(I said I won’t talk about it LOL). But once again I hear all the rumors & opinions through other people because the ones doing the talking are weak, too weak to speak to me directly. That’s probably a good idea on their part because I have no tolerance nor do I have time for childish nonsense.

I know I’ve said it before but I’m accused of being a lowlife & a meth head & now a horrible mother.

I’m a great mother, I have two sons that turned out to be two of the most wonderful & giving men I’ve ever met in my life. So I think I did a damn good job raising my kids & their dad thinks so as well as a team together. These peoples opinions & judgements of my parenting are nothing but them being jealous & pathetic. Me nor my boys go around purposely putting down on others, doing anyone wrong, acting two-faced, or spread rumors that ain’t true. My boys were raised to be above that nonsense & to treat people as good as people will allow of course. They were taught to not throw the first punch, but when it’s thrown they were to kick ass…period. Never to allow anyone to walk all over them like some are trying to do right now, & to stand up for your family whether its mom, dad, brother, grandparents, etc.
I gave birth to my sons, I was the first woman in their life. I was their first hug, kiss, love, protector, best friend, coach, buddy, the mean one when they were grounded, teacher, therapist, chauffeur, their personal chef, helper of many things, the one who gave in at the end of the day on arguments, the one who will watch over them in heaven just as I have here on earth. I will always be that woman no matter how many people come & go in their lives…….I will always be there just as much as I was the very first day I felt them kick in my belly. No one can change the love of a mother nor can anyone rip her children from her by being evil or making you seem evil to your children, your children know who you are & know all of the above in their heart.

I am Lori & I am proud to be their momma!

I may be blunt & come across as an asshole to some, but my love for my boys is eternal & true….

The only two men in my life who have never left me, never cheated me in any area of my life, always looking out for me the same as I do for them. You can’t break a bond between a mother & her sons that’s very strong, you ain’t got it like that, no matter who you are.

Being your children’s parent as well as their best friend is a skill that many fail at. I thank God for the ability to be both & thank Him them every single day of my life for allowing me to be their mom!!

Love your little buddies first with all your heart….well in my case mine are 5’10 & 6’7, & I’m only 5’7 hehe, but they’re still my babies!

You will learn in this thing called life who really loves you & who will really be there for you.


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