Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

I hope everyone is having a good day, it’s a rainy day for me in Georgia…yuck. That’s okay though as long as winter goes away lol.

Maybe some more rambling today, but I’m working on a sexy story so be patient with me. They ain’t hot if they’re wrote in 15 minutes you know. I know I have many waiting to read something new so I’m doing my best to get some wrote while I am stuck not being able to work at this time. Plus I get to cook my famous lasagna today yay!

My youngest (who had the stroke) wants me to make him my lasagna & bring it up for supper time today. You just don’t know how happy it makes me to be able to cook for him & for him to be able to eat like normal. Ever since he passed that swallow test he has ate everything in sight & I don’t blame him because I would to if I didn’t get to eat for almost a month. I spent time with him last night & he actually wore me out moving around so much haha, I had to rest when I got home. I’m so glad though, you just don’t understand how thankful I am that my son is doing sooooo much better. My oldest son is doing great too. Knock on wood & thank God he hasn’t had anymore seizures since being switched to the right kind of medicine. He doesn’t have all the side effects anymore either. He picks on me all the time wanting a laptop, he says, ‘everything would be better if he had a laptop hint hint, he wouldn’t have seizures if he had a laptop, he wouldn’t be hungry if he had a laptop’…. LOL. He’s a gamer & he’s been wanting a laptop to do something with his games, I really don’t know what lol, but he can talk for hours on end about it all day though & leave me sitting there looking at him with my head sideways, one raised eyebrow, & mouth crooked like wth did he say hahaha!!

So as I mentioned yesterday, I’m in one hell of a predicament. I’m still not real sure how the hell I’m gonna pull myself out of this one….but I will somehow. Broken down vehicles are the worst when you don’t have a back up. I would ask for help but hell a lot of people won’t budge & the rest think I’m a meth head lol….so they won’t help. But that’s alright because it shows you who’s really there for you, & it makes you tougher if you just do it yourself. Plus you won’t hear, ‘You wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for me’. BLAH! A mans favorite line to a woman who is a sexist.

I had one of those moments yesterday with one of my sons nurses. She didn’t know I was his mom. She also didn’t think I was old enough to be his mom heehehee. One of those feel good about yourself moments when someone thinks your way younger than you actually are, made me feel good about myself.

Sometimes people don’t understand why writers write about some of their personal life in books or blogs. Sometimes I even hear that I should stop posting personal stuff. You wouldn’t believe at the stuff I don’t share, stuff no one knows about but myself. I know I write about certain things or people but there’s a lot that I simply don’t want to share. I have a big secret actually I have a couple of them, but I can never reveal them. There’s just some things we can’t share due to various reasons. With that being said, don’t think I get on here & spill everything about myself because I don’t. I know one of the most popular people I’ve wrote about is my ex boyfriend, he’s all over my blog posts. When someone does me badly I have no problem nor a filter on speaking of them. He is one of the reasons I do not seek a relationship right now, yes all the ex’s played a different part on why I don’t. I am absolutely happy being free & single. I can’t express it enough to where anyone would understand it. I’ve never been completely free & I refuse to change it, I absolutely refuse! I don’t fall for that sweet talk charm that’s thrown on me by strange men, fuck that shit, fuck those lies just to sleep with me. That nonsense is what got my heart ripped into a million pieces by the ex. Men that flirt/sext with others behind their woman’s back & have their self convinced it ain’t a form of cheating, are the worst. No other woman should have their attention in any way at all.

I haven’t went & checked on him or the ex friends in like forever because they make me sick to my stomach. I was hung up to where I did on occasion but I don’t give a damn anymore. I realized I’m better than that & them, I don’t go around purposely hurting people for the fun of it so that alone makes me 100 times better than them. The last time I did though, I laughed my ass off at what I seen….fucking hilarious! I feel sorry for the new chick that don’t know what I know, bless her heart. But hey, can’t save everyone from getting hurt. Some just have to go through it until they learn. I learned my lesson & learned it well. I’m done. I’m looking for real & nothing less (I’m in no hurry though haha), I don’t want fake like all of them are settling for.

Enough of that shit lol.

So like I told you yesterday about making a list & I mean an actual physical list. I made a new one this morning & I’m gonna bust my ass to accomplish it before this year is up. You have to challenge yourself sometimes to better yourself. I’m telling you from experience not just shit I read, you have to take care of you because when life gets tough you’ll be shocked at how many will desert you. But when they’re in a tight spot, they look to you for help but won’t return it. I’m living that right now at this moment, that’s why I have to stand up & take care of my own business myself. When things start falling into place I will start showing the list improvements as to how it’s all going for me in a post. Mine list is mostly financial, your list can be about anything like simply getting chores done or organizing an area of your home or office or your life.

Once I get into my own place I’m going to make me a she-shed hehe, & build to my hearts content. I want to make & build stuff so freaking bad it’s killing me. Not to mention my ‘Purple Room’……..that’s to be continued in another post wink, wink! But when I get all of that put together I will probably do separate posts on each, I have to sit down & draw & design it all out first. Yes I know what tools to buy & how to use them hahaha, I also have to figure out a list of inventory for the purple room as well, mmmmm.

Okay well I’ve said too much so I’m gonna hush now lol.

Purposely have a great day, you are the one that makes you truly happy!




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