A Tad Of Everything

A Tad Of Everything

Good morning! It’s been pretty out the last couple of days hasn’t it? At least here in Georgia it has anyway. The pollen is killing me though, I’m a damn mess lol. I love the outdoors so I just deal with it the best I can.

I couldn’t title the post nor do I have one topic to write about really but I can’t not say anything. I thought about sharing some of my own recipes which is not anything I’ve done before on here but I can’t. I can’t because & my sons know that when we cook ‘our’ recipes, a lot of the ingredients are a tad of this & a tad of that haha! So I could never give approximate amounts anyway so that’s out lol. I think everyone’s favorites are my lasagna, chili, tater salad, chicken & dumplings (like you’ve never had!)-it’s not just meat & chicken, & desserts.

I’ve literally been going crazy trying to figure out this whole having my own website thing & self hosting myself….My God I’m not nerdy enough!! lol. This is some crazy techy stuff let me tell ya! But I won’t give up though. I don’t have thousands of followers & sometimes I deal with getting no likes & no comments at all…silence…it screams lol. I won’t give up though, I can’t do it. I have worked to hard & I want what I’m after, & when I want something bad enough I will fight until I get it. Those that know me well enough know there’s no stopping me. I may not produce the most professional posts or write the most interesting stories all the time but I’m learning as I go.

  1. Why do I want this to work?
  2. What am I hoping for?
  3. What are my future plans?
  4. Does this benefit anyone other than myself?

Let me tell ya lol… I’ve wanted to write all my life, well since I was a young teenager. I started writing in a diary to escape the hells of my life because I felt no one would understand if I tried to tell them, they couldn’t handle the truths of what I went through. There’s a short book on Amazon about some of it, if you want to check it out. I marked it as low as they would allow me to, I may just make it free because it’s so short. I’m hoping for LifeWithLori to explode (in a good way) to reach out to others that have or do deal with the craziness life throws at us, so yes it does & has benefited others. My dreams are to blog & vlog (YouTube channel) while traveling the U.S. To be that listening ear when there is no one, in hopes to put a smile on faces even if its just y’all laughing at my goofy ass, to share my traveling adventures as well as parts of my life that do in fact help others.

I’m nothing special, I’m just as ordinary as anyone else. I’m not educated but I educate myself daily through the web, books, libraries, life itself, etc. I’ve taught myself a lot & I’m damn proud of myself. I’ve been through a lot as well in many different situations so I use that to write to help others instead of allowing it to sit bottled up inside of me eating me alive. Many people are afraid to speak about their traumas & they feel alone, I know I’ve been there too, I was quite for many years.

Today I can freely & openly say I don’t want a relationship right now. It feels good to admit that even to myself. Pain changes you, & you can use it to better your life or sit around & let it make you bitter. I know men ain’t all the same but there few & far in between of what I desire in a man, so I’m taking a much needed break from the chaos. So many people just randomly sleep with so many other people & they don’t even feel bad about it, how it makes others feel. I’m tired of that nonsense & tired of worrying about it, it’s just me now, I know I won’t cheat or hurt me so it’s all good. Financially I struggle here & there, I really do but it don’t stop me. I have some serious financial junk about to dump their loads on me but I’ll keep going despite it. I tried awhile back to get financial support but with no luck, for some reason I never seem to come across the right doors or people. I guess God wants me to push through doing it alone or something, but I never go hungry, I always have somewhere to sleep even if its just my truck, I work everyday so I’m not some lowlife. I don’t know how I will overcome all that I’m facing right now including I NEED a dentist lol, but somehow someway I will…..

You can never give up! EVER! Don’t even think about! Don’t let that be an option in your mind!

I try to show everyone through allowing my own personal junk & problems to be known to show that you can in fact work through anything….anything. I thought my youngest having a stroke would end me, it tried to but I stood up & put on more armor to fight! If I’m defeated, that will show my sons it’s okay to give up not to mention those of you who follow me. I won’t allow it. Yea posts are about me but they’re there to be directed to help those that need to know that, ‘Hey that’s what I deal with, I’m not alone’….And you’re not, there’s me & quite a few others who write the way I do to reach out. Like I’ve said before, if you’re not comfortable with commenting, hit the Facebook button & message me.

The past few days I’ve just wanted to hibernate! This woman is tired, flat out exhausted & it’s not physical. My mental & emotional drains are heavy so I sleep a lot, not depression, I just need to regroup sometimes. I wish I could just take myself to Disney World & play all day to have that release you know lol. Or…if I could start a bonfire & burn a bunch of junk haha! I like fires for some crazy reason, it relaxes me!

I still have this burning itch to build something with wood, I have no idea what but I need to smell cut wood already lol. Told ya it’s a tad of everything hahaha.

Have a wonderful day people!

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