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Me All Over The Place?…Yeah Probably Lol

I couldn’t wait to get home from work to write. I literally feel at peace or at home if you will when I’m writing in my blog. I just want to write, write, write all day everyday, I know I can’t but I want to.

I used to write in a diary/journal type thing but ever since I started this blog I started getting private messages asking me to never stop writing like I write. Well some people throw off on it because I’m all over the place or I don’t write like most bloggers write. Well I’m not them…. Truth is, a lot of the typical posts about the same ole thing is written 200+times by different people all over google, it bores me to death & I love to read. I’ve always been a bit ‘tipsy’ with my thinking & my writing & I will continue to be my silly self. Am I popular? Beats me lol. Continuing to be myself will get noticed & go big some day soon….I hope LOL.

Yeah I have some followers & I hope to gain more, not really my main focus though. Filling my blog slap full of my original crazy self is far more important, followers will come…eventually. I won’t fake my way to get them.

I do want to fill the shelves at Amazon or the like with ebooks of different topics/stories. Have I went to college or took courses in writing & publishing? Hell naw haha. Happy for those that did but this chick did not, I have to learn it all the hard way. But sometimes you can take all the schooling you want, but if you don’t write from the heart, you’re probably not gonna get very far unless you’re writing for some million dollar company. 99% of everything I write is true, some of the sexual stories are fiction, I find it fun to write those because my imagination goes wild! I get my own self tore all to hell by the time I’m done writing one, & the way I see it is if I’m all hot & bothered surely my readers are. A lot say that they do get tore up!

But yeah I know I’m all over the place. My life has been a mess lately & I was depressed really bad with a heartache from the pits of hell let me tell ya! Lost friends along the way. Lost a lot of people & stuff not to mention the worst of all is both of my sons having medical problems with my youngest son (19 yrs old) having a brain stem stroke less than a month ago. I’m not real sure how I’m standing most days. It’s like all of the above sucked the air from my lungs & slowly I’m starting to breathe again.

Some people love me, some people hate me, & some hate the ground I walk on & that’s okay, really it is. I wasn’t born to please them so they can feel however they like. Hell I don’t like most of them either haha, I stay silent. My momma just like yours says ‘If you ain’t got nuttin nice to say, keep your mouth shut’. I try but fail often lol!!!

Funny thing is, is that I have several different types of readers & I’m not sure which way to go when I write. I’m not knocking anyone’s way of living or religion but I do get kickbacks on some stuff whether its nasty sex stories or talking about preaching , or animals, or loving on God-which I do! Annnd that last sentence alone will get me in trouble lol. Well how can you write & say the things you do then if you love God?…You should be ashamed girl…… I-am-me. My personal life, views, religion, relationships, decisions, faults, ups & downs are just that…Mine. I’m sure I am not right but neither are any of us, no one is perfect & we all fall short everyday of our lives in some way or another, even if your sin is hiding & eating little debbie cakes…Hmmmm? WInk WInk Lol Okay I’ll hush & be nice, I’m gonna get yelled at as it is.

I will however write as I’m led by my heart to write. It’s my story anyway right? It’s my blog right? Yep Yep. Just saying I think everyone should just be their self & write whatever they’re passionate about because that’s where it is. And if you don’t write do whatever it is that flutters your heart or brings peace to you.

I’ve even started to just start the blog all over a couple of times & just blog the same ole stuff everyone else does BUT that’s not me, I can’t do it. One day I’m writing about how beautiful everything is then the very next day I’m writing about how sorry than hell every man out there is! Hahaha, sorry I will not apologize for being female, I get moody too. HeeHee.

Something that cracks me up is when new people meet me & they all always have this particular view of me & then BAM I wow them with the real me & they’re like ‘WTH’? I’m not real sure how it happens either. I don’t hide myself, I just don’t think nothing about it, hey I’m normal in my eyes lol.

Yes I did start another blog where all the cussing, dirty talk/stories, etc is kept from. I want it that way to uplift & inspire from my gentle side if you’d believe that lol. But no really it isn’t a put on, it really is just a part of me, leaning towards my religion.loving/lighter side part of me. I think it is beautiful to have that peace over you, to hear & read kind words & stories about uplifting stuff. In here now…it ain’t so nice sometimes, I vent & tell it like it is when life hits hard. Even I have to wander over to that blog to find my peace again lol. I got this thing where I cuss like a sailor & don’t even realize it til someone points it out to me & I’m like ‘oh shit, I’m sorry’ haha. I ain’t right people lol! A bit crazy but a whole lot of me & no faking! Truthfully very few people can stand to be around me because there is no filter & I don’t mind calling people out on their bullshit. I’ve been through enough & I can’t tolerate it anymore.

On the side from writing I really like building things. I’m not talking about crocheting or baking cookies or making wreaths which I can do very well too (not bragging…oh yes I am!) I mean I like using wood, big tools, getting dirty, & I love the smell of fresh cut wood. I could be happy all day being covered in saw dust while I write..really I could! In the past I’ve made several little things here & there. I’ve made 4 wishing wells in the past, shelves, etc. I used to make stuff at Christmas time to put lights on for decoration….omg I lost my shit when I started that lol! I made trees, snowmen, arches, hearts, word signs (peace, etc.), and a helicopter!!….cool as shit I tell ya. I had people stop & thank me for doing that every year, & one of my kids teachers at the time was caught taking pics of our yard in the dark-the next day my son came home & said our yard is my teachers screen saver on his computer at school mom…lol Woohoo! Head did in fact swell.

You know what, I got off subject a bit lol. SEE I’m all over the place, my mind goes ninety to nothing, vrroooooom! Oh & I love gardening too, hell I love all kinds of stuff. I ain’t your typical gal at all. I guess that’s what happens when you’re raised up a tomboy in Kentucky! (Not to mention pick up trucks turn me on more than men lol)

Okay I’m rambling now & it’s 1:30 am at the moment, it’s time for this chick to go to bed.

Have a wonderful day today!

And by the way, my son that had the stroke well, his 5th swallow test is today & help me pray that he does in fact pass that test. My boy hasn’t ate food in 19 days so far, he is ready to eat. He watches the food network at the rehab facility & drools lol. Thanks in advance for your prayers!




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