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Love yourself first!

‘Excuses’ say you don’t have the confidence to try!

Everyone has a dream, a love of something, a curiosity of untried things, a fear of where their foot hasn’t stepped. 

I’m a feisty, wanna go after everything, see & do things, & learn stuff type of woman but at the same time there’s a lot that scares the hell out of me.

‘I could never do that’, ‘I can’t afford that’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I don’t have the energy’, ‘My spouse would say no’, ‘I’m too old & tired’………Excuses. Excuses are made when we don’t see a possibility within our comfort zones, or fear of stepping out of them. I don’t seem to have a comfort zone, not sure where it went but maybe its because I think differently than most. I look at almost everything with a possibility it could be accomplished if you want it bad enough. I’m not afraid to try anything excepts heights-I don’t do heights! But with a little moolah encouragement I probably would lol.

My dream is to travel, to make money while traveling so I’m not bound to 4 walls to slave in everyday for someone else to become richer from my sweat. I’m building a website right now & it scares me, scares me because I have those little thoughts running through my mind. Thoughts like, what if I go through all of this & I fail? What if I can never set it up properly? What if people stop following me or I never gain anymore? What if I waste that money for nothing? Yeah, I’m scared. To me it’s a huge step to becoming what I’ve been working towards. Right now the site is on standstill because I’m at a loss as to what to do next & it freaks me out. I still get butterflies every time I write a post & hit that publish button, I have no idea if it’ll get read, liked, hated, or if I’ll get bad comments. BUT I don’t let that stop me! I hit that button anyway & go on about my day.

I’m not really into buying a home right now because I dream of the road being my home. I won’t do it forever or will I? Who knows?

I have confidence most of the time but there are days I just feel like a complete failure in life in everything I do or did. It’s okay to have a bad day & feel like that but don’t have days…. Get up & try again. Life is hard & it sometimes down right sucks ass, but don’t stop. If all you can do is like me, take little steps everyday then do that!

No matter the speed, if you’re moving forward your already closer than you were yesterday.

Wear your confidence & wear it well. Confidence not only makes you automatically sexier but I think it makes you stronger because you’re telling yourself ‘You can’.

Have a beautiful day!



Lori Hensley

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