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What Do I Do?

I can’t shake this helpless feeling I have for my youngest son. He’s in pain & struggles to do just the simplest things. It’s just not fair. Me & my son should be seeing who can rev their truck the loudest or walking around Walmart at 2am just hanging out & not him dealing with a 3rd feeding tube inserted which is very painful for him to the point he was crying & threatening to pull it out if someone didn’t help with the pain. He was trembling all over because it hurt so bad.
I stare out this window wondering why God can’t just snap his fingers & put my child back to normal immediately. But I guess it just don’t work that way.

I didn’t go to work tonight because I didn’t want my son to be alone. I’ll always be there for my boys. He hollars mom every so often (happy sighs) to help him or get him something. I’m Johnny on the spot!
I cry everyday
I pray all day long
I started another blog called ‘Where you at’? The title meaning comes from Brent always texting me ‘Where you at’? I will maintain it to where it stays clean of bad language & junk. After almost 2 weeks of no messages from him, I became lonely again. I check my phone for my messages & missed calls because my cell is junk but they’re not there.
What do I do with me until my lil 6’7 buddy is better????

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