March 30, 2018

Enlighten Me Please……

Good morning. I do hope everyone has a great day.
I want someone to talk to me that knows how to get my son some financial help. We’re not worried about the hospital bills because they’re putting him on Georgia medicaid to cover all of that which will be close to half a million dollars. But I need help paying his bills until he recovers & returns to work & that’s not gonna be real soon. I cannot do it by myself but I do not want him stressing about the bills & money, I want him to focus only on his rehab/therapy. I really don’t think him losing his home is a good idea. Coming home to no home would devastate him.
I have tried everything in my power to raise money & people will not budge. I have come to the point where I’m just pissed. I read a story about a dog on gofundme & they had raised $1000’s of dollars for a dog….A DOG. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loooovvvve dogs & I make better friends with dogs than most humans, but I would not give to a dog & not a human. Sorry if that pisses you off but priorities should be humans first then your animals. So confused on how or why people are so stingy. I mean I’m not asking for a million dollars, I’m asking for enough to cover just his bills & not to run out & buy a sports car. I just don’t understand what else to do, people will not budge.
My son at the age of 19 on Monday March 19th had a brain stem stroke followed by brain stem surgery on Monday March 26th & no one wants to help out. I know it’s not everyone’s place to at all but if people have tons to throw away on stupid shit, they can help someone that really needs help. Literally would be told I just don’t have it right now, but goes & spends $60+ at a restaurant that night??????? I’m trying to get a second job to have more money to help with so it’s not like I’m going to pocket the money, why would I? I got in an argument with his power company. I tried to get an extension & all they would say AFTER me telling them what’s going on with Brent was, I’m sorry for your situation but we have to speak with Brent to get an extension……?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!! I lost my shit! What’s wrong with this world?
Watching my son go through what has happened to him & watching him recover is heartbreaking. He has to learn how to walk & talk again people….It’s breaking my heart. I’m so very thankful that he made it through surgery & that God kept him safe from what could have happened, it could’ve been a whole lot worse but God protected him & I’m very thankful!! I want to keep him safe from financial worries as well (yes, I pray for the finances too). All I see is my boys & I strive for the help they need.
Since it’s obvious I’m not going to get help from the general population, please let me know what I can do or know what you know about getting help. I’m willing to do whatever to help my son as much as I can. Yes I have a temper lol. It’s a short fuse but it’s even worse when it concerns my boys. My credit is shot so anything there will not help. Anything I had saved is already gone. I lost most of my stuff when I got evicted so I don’t have anything to sell. I honestly on my end have no idea what to do. I can only work around when my other son is asleep or his dad is off work to watch him because he has seizures & cannot be left alone much at all.
I’m stuck
This is him in the picture below after his surgery. This ain’t a hoax to get money. You can call Erlanger hospital in Chatt, Tn. His name is Brent Hensley & he’s only 19 years old. As a mom I just want help for my son that’s all. He’s such a good person & that blows my mind that I’m having to beg for help because you’d think all the people he knows would bend over backwards for him like he has some of them & would for anyone anyway. I guess it shows who really has your back when you get down, I know all to well about that just on my junk I went through. It’s really sad though just how much people have changed today. When I was his age anyone would help you no matter what the situation was.

I’ve inserted the link again. I ask you to please copy & share it. The account isn’t helping but I have no idea what else to do. Please enlighten me on what you know or know of or something….Please I’m begging, this is serious. I need immediate help not something that’ll take 6 months to a year to bring in money.
Text me if you don’t want to comment on here please, I don’t mind. 1-706-671-0862 or email me. Thanks

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