March 26, 2018

Levels Of Importance: It Changes. Asking For Prayers For My Son.

I’m back awake this morning, woke up several times last night. My son is on my mind heavily. As far as we know his brain surgery is this evening, it could change to Wednesday. The doctor is supposed to decide today for sure. When your children or family members are faced with situations like my son is going through it changes you, changes your perspective, your outlook on people & situations. You learn real quick who or what is really important. Nonsense battles with people or things or jobs or money ALL become just that…Nonsense.
As a mother I am completely broken. My 6’7 son who has always been bullet proof & strong no matter what is lying in MICU with stroke symptoms from a cavernoma awaiting brain surgery. My faith in God is strong & I know not just think, I know God will do a miraculous healing touch on my son. God already kept the worst from happening because it could have turned out way worse than it did. I thank Him so much.
It’s strange how just in ‘stuff’ all of sudden loses its importance & people lose your interest, even if you thought they were the world & you couldn’t live without them. Something as little as Facebook, I have deleted & blocked so many in the last few days, people that disrespect me or are from the past that caused issues in my life. I no longer care. I’m like that on everything now & I mean everything & everybody. All I am concerned with is my two sons. I don’t want a man, I don’t care about little things, I don’t care about people that can’t give me the time of the day anymore, I don’t care about my wants, etc.
When you stand there over your child lying in a hospital bed (no matter their age), & they can’t hardly speak due to slurred speech & can’t hardly move one side of their body, can’t eat or drink, cries to you when it’s just a mom & son moment………EVERYTHING loses its importance immediately!
I know God will take care of everything, MY SON, the finances, everything. I am stressed out, I’m a mom it’s my job but I still know God is in control & that alone eases my mind. My son is called to preach & I absolutely CANNOT wait to be sitting on a pew in church listening to his testimony while he preaches!!! He’s in tune with God & I know he will touch & move others & lead so many to God.
I love my boys more than anything in this world & I would give anything for them. They are absolutely two of the most wonderful men I’ve ever known in my entire life & they are my sons, my cup runneth over!!!!!
I ask for continued prayer for my son today & I thank you so very much!!
Love, Lori

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