March 19, 2018

Good Morning!

Hey y’all, how are you? I haven’t sat down & wrote a sexy story yet…I will soon though. I have something to write about for sure.
It looks like its gonna rain all day here in north Georgia, yuck. I want sun & warmth for crying out loud lol.
If you go & watch my YouTube video I uploaded last (search Life With Lori), you can hear where I talked about the wonderful thing that happened to me yesterday. I am thankful I have come to this point in my life right now, so freeing!
But…..also I cannot help but to say stay away from men & women who come with a warning. Lesson learned, I can’t express enough just how much I should’ve listened in the very beginning. It would’ve saved me a shit ton of time & heartache. Seeing & knowing that the next person will more than likely experience the same ordeal in due time is heart breaking. They almost always never change, very rare.
Anyway, I decided to not write the book about my ex boyfriend. I just woke up the other day & felt disgusted with the book & I trashed it. I will not write & build up someone that deliberately tore me down with no care at all. Its not right & its not fair to myself to relive that pain over & over. However I am going to write a new book about well, hot ass sex like no other between two people that end up learning they have the same complete interests in the bedroom & have never acted on them. (No its not reflected on last relationship, I decided to write the book after watching the last 50 shades movie, I have all intentions of my book causing people to have to have sex after watching it). Sex like no other. I won’t give any details but I get hot & bothered thinking about the book, yummy. My plan is to make it one of the hottest, sexiest, sexually intensifying books out there. I believe in myself & I have a very strong passion for writing these stories. I’m putting my everything in it to show my full potential in writing sexy stories, it will be better than the short stories you read in my blog.
I hope everyone has a great day & I’m off to exercise then work.


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