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Love yourself first!


You know what’s beautiful? You!
It looks like its gonna be a pretty day in North Georgia today. Sun is shining & warmer! I cannot wait til the cold junk is gone. As promised I will have another sexy story posted soon. I haven’t been writing then much lately, been mind boggled with other stuff in my life. But day two of being back to exercising & it feels great, sore but great! I think everyone should give it a try or at least make it a daily date with yourself to take a 30 minute to an hour walk. It really makes you feel better plus there’s a high you get from exercising that’s better than a drug high. can get addicted! Hahaha! I’m not a doctor but for myself personally after lots of reading about water I’ve found what works for me. If I drink three 20oz bottles of water a day I feel sooooo much better. Less headaches, more energy, skin looks better, makes you eat better (for me=I eat more, I need weight on me lol).

With all the chaos we all have on us it’s good to take a few steps to better ourselves. Don’t even start out full force neither because you will burn out quick & slip right back into doing nothing again. Just do what you’re comfortable with, your body will tell you then slowly here & there challenge yourself but don’t over do it.
While I’m sitting here in the garage writing this there is a bird singing its heart out to me lol. Its beautiful too! Its really close & loud like its singing just for me, I love it. Making me smile.
I want you all to know, men & women that you’re beautiful no matter what some asshole/stuff/ailment/etc, causes you to think of yourself. We’re individually wrapped in beauty of our own kind. Don’t be someone else….Be You! No one can be the awesome person that you are nor can anyone take it away, remember that.
First step above anything else is you have got to fall in love with yourself.
Speak to yourself, speak to whatever you don’t like about yourself as if you do like it, like…..’I love my chubby belly’, or ‘nice legs bitch-you go girl’. Speak until you believe it, you’re not lying to yourself, you’ll fall in love with yourself. And when you love yourself it will show & others absolutely will not stay out of your inbox hahaha!! People can notice it & they become interested in as to why your so happy.
I’m off to another glorious day of being single & enjoying the hell out of it! Never thought I would but I do!

Lori Hensley

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