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To Live Is Rare

The majority of people just exist. A big percentage of the world never enjoys life. They do the work thing, spend a few minutes at home with the family then off to bed. Everyday repeats itself for them. Most never truly enjoy life. Life is hard without a doubt.
What does it mean to live? To truly live? Well I found this & I love it. I’m not sure who the author is, I don’t claim it: ‘Being truly alive and awake to life and not asleep in life’s waiting room’.
The statement everyone says, live life to the fullest…well what the hell does that really mean lol? It means to go out there & face fears to do the things you want or go after the things you desire. Do something you enjoy everyday. Be grateful for what you do have & if you want more, go after it!

Yes! Do you think any kind of opportunity is open for someone like me? Nope! I started from scratch pieces of wood lying around & I began building my own damn door. Soon I’ll open that door to a life I’m busting ass to enjoy. In the meantime I’m enjoying what I have now while I cuss & work on the door project trying to build it just right for me!
Put more effort into the hobbies you love. Help someone everyday whether its just opening a door or buying them a car, do something. Put the love out there. Slow down & notice nature, it’s all around you…take in its beauty.
Do something nice for yourself everyday. Exercise, take a walk to ease your mind, hell take a nap! Most of us never get enough sleep as it is. Educate yourself on what you want to do or be. Age don’t matter, it’s your life not someone else’s.
Travel…..this is my #1 dream. I want this sooooo bad & I’m gonna get to a point to where I can lord willing. I don’t want to visit other countries or fly around from place to place or go on cruises. I want to drive & visit places to explore. I wanna climb, hike, camp, get dirty, etc. I want to put my feet on the ground & touch every place I visit, not look at it through a window or on some website. Learn what I can about anything, take pictures & videos to share & of course write about it all! And I want to do it by myself because no one truly understands me anyway & no one cares what I want, like, & desire so I’ll just do it by myself. I am important & full of life, maybe I’ll meet someone like me out there.
Whatever you do, do it with passion & with everything you got in you or it ain’t worth doing. Everything will turn out better by adding a touch of your passion to it.

You people know some of my story & if this woman can do it, so can you! I promise.

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