March 10, 2018

Good Morning

Well…less than 12 hours after I posted my last post about strength, I got hit hard.
I got excited about getting my truck back last night & going back to work only to just drive it home because it needs something else. Plus when I got in it & started it, my almost $2000 stereo was blaring! I almost went back in to kick his ass! I can’t stand for anyone to touch my truck ugh. An idiot could easily blow or fry something! I’ve been so angry over my truck too, its about caused me to completely lose my shit. But hopefully in a little while it’ll be fixed & I can go to work tonight. Work keeps me from thinking to much.
I wrote about my ex bf in the sex & candy post, a good memory. It caused me to think about him all day yesterday & miss him. That aching pain is unbearable, I hate it with a passion & with everything in me. It’s my own fault for writing it. I suppose I’m not ready for that huh? Loving someone who doesn’t want to love you will destroy you. Let em go.
And then by an unknown source I find out that several people have said that I look & act like I’m on drugs….Meth! Wtf? I’ve never touched that shit or any other drugs except weed. Royally pisses me off, I wish a bitch would say that to my face. I’m sick of people that can only speak behind your back. I’d proudly take every drug test they can give me & test back as far as they can…..they won’t find nothing but faint traces of weed if that!!
What they fail to notice is why I lost so much weight! Why I’m having teeth problems & losing them! Why I’m really single!
What they also didn’t know is that I’m gaining weight back! I have a dentist appt to try & get help with my problem! And that I choose to be single!
But bottom line even if I was a meth head & that was the cause of my teeth problems & I was screwing every man I met…’s still none of their damn business but ya know people judge no matter what you do!
More than likely its some of them there fake church folk (just my guess due to source) that do no wrong judging everyone else’s life (if you judge, you need to go back to the alter & lay it back down honey, apparently it jumped back in your pocket like a frog on your way back to your seat). I’m not where I was but I can still stand next to you & sense you’re all show & tell at church & the only spirit on you is gossip gossip gossip. None of them know me personally so they have no room to even have my name in their filthy mouths. I hope they read this too, maybe grow a set of chick balls & say it to my face next time. Harsh? Maybe so but I’m sick of hearing through the grapevine that somebody has a sure fire opinion of me but can’t confront me of it but says something to someone they know will tell me.
If I knew who they were exactly I’d be in their face instead of on here, but since I don’t I’m guessing haters follow you more. Hi!!!!!

Blah! See…it don’t take no time before shit goes south on you. Just keep swimming hahaha.
It’s now laughed off. I’m not weak & pathetic as they’d like for me to be lol. I know y’all get hit with stuff like that too. It’s okay to get it off your chest but don’t let it bounce back on you (like that frog) lol. React…let it go…adjust your crown…walk away like a boss!
On a different note. I’ve been cooking lately & I love it. My oldest son, now that I live with him has me cooking for him any chance he gets lol. His favorite is this chicken I make. It’s nothing fancy but its good. I just fry it in the pan using water with seasonings & cavenders. Yum! I made it up a long time ago when I was bored wanting to cook something new. I have tons of my own style & recipes that my boys & others absolutely love, makes my head swell a bit hehe.
Since I’m living with my ex husband whom is just my friend, we’re actually good friends now, so strange isn’t it how that works? Lol. But anyway…him has all these wood working tools I’m sitting here drooling over…Wonder if he’ll let me make & build something lol.
Okay well I’ll let ya know in the morning if I got to work or not. I sure hope so lol.
Have a wonderful day!!! Remember vent then just forget about it…
Love, Lori

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