March 4, 2018

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Seems like a long time but it’s not really. I’m 42 now so I’ll be 47 in 5 years…Omg! Lol! That makes me feel old looking at the numbers but I don’t feel one bit like I’m 42. Hell I forget I’m even in my forties. You definitely wouldn’t think it if you hung around me long enough, I promise lol. I still jam out with my $2000 stereo me & my youngest installed in my old truck lol. I refuse to dress like an old woman too….boring.
But where would you like to be?
What would you like to do?
The sky’s the limit….really. We don’t have to settle for less. Even at 42 I can change my entire life & redirect my future. It may not be exact because life has other options sometimes but we can get it close though if we want it bad enough.
I would like to buy a cheap property with a barn or building & convert that into a home & obviously get it paid it off asap.
I would really love to be in love with someone who will love me back someday & love me for the crazy, goofy person that I am. I don’t want another night going by where I have to sleep alone. Be alone. Eat alone. Do adventures alone. Etc.
And I reaaally want my blog & vlog to take off big time! I love writing & I now actually love doing the videos too on my YouTube channel. I would prefer that there isn’t anymore sad stuff but hey I’m female, it’s gonna happen haha.
Other than those the only other things I want is for my kids & grandkids to be healthy & happy. They are my life. My true loves.
So what would any of you like to do that you gave up on or haven’t even attempted? Something that makes you light up when you talk about it or think about it.
I personally love to talk with someone that knows what they want because their whole face lights up & they just go on & on about it lol. Fascinates me & inspires me to push for what I desire.
Just think about it for a bit. What could you do differently that would guide you to where you would like to be?
Have you ever thought that by saving $5, $10, or $20 a week or more could go towards your future. It doesn’t sound like much but it will add up faster than you think.
When I was married I used envelopes & marked them for like Christmas, birthdays, etc. I’d put what I could in there & leave it alone unless it was for an emergency. It was pretty cool.
I know for a lot of us money is the major issue. But sometimes changing jobs or adding a part time job makes a big difference.
Just think about it…..
Love, Lori

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