March 4, 2018

Good Morning!

How are you people doing? Its fricking cold this morning in Georgia….again lol.
I’m so sick of winter it makes me crazy I tell ya lol. So ready for it to be hot!
So my last post seemed harsh huh? Haha I don’t think it did at all. I spoke what was on my heart & how it all seemed & truths. I’m the victim & I was the only one destroyed so I will work/write through the hurt poured on me until its gone. (If that certain someone has something to say then say it but only if I can reply back or leave me alone).
I do however need prayers for my older son, he really needs them. Not going into detail right now but just please know he needs lots of prayers.
I swear I don’t know how I’m still standing some days. It seems like its one step forward then four steps back….ugh. My crazy life! I miss my truck so bad. I call her slut because shes got so many miles on her hehe but she’s in the shop & it could be another couple of days before I get her back….sighs….lol. Its been a week since she died on me but hopefully soon dammit.
You ever feel like you don’t belong anywhere? Well that’s me right now. I’m not even sure where I live or what to do or anything. I really just exist anymore. But I won’t quit or give up. I know there’s something & someone out there for me some day. I am still happy being single though. I love the fact that I answer to no one about anything, its sweet.
I have noticed I’m kinda bitter again towards men in general but hell can ya blame me? I stopped opening messages or replying back because I just simply don’t want nothing right now.
I was thinking last night & thought to myself….I wonder if my mom would be proud of me or disappointed in me with all things & people I’ve encountered the last two years? I’ve made some pretty stupid decisions that’s for sure but I’ve never truly been single & on my own until now. I’m like a tornado haha, picking up & throwing out junk constantly trying to figure out what’s right & good for myself.
Maybe I’ll figure it out someday…….
Love, Lori

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