Now that I have your attention….please read.
Hi my name is Lori. I’m a blogger & vlogger. I love to write about almost anything but especially I love to write about what I have a passion for….sex & well…anything really. I’m 42 years old & I was born & raised in Harlan Ky. I attended Loyall Elementary, Bell County middle & high school. I was in the choir throughout middle & highschool. I also joined the track team my last year I attended.
My eyes are hazel. My hair color is unknown. I’m 5’7. Weight-who knows. I’m a small build woman. Currently have teeth issues which make me feel so terribly ugly.
I am a smoker.
I’ve never been rich or well off, always on the poorer side all my life but happy.
My family consisted of me, my mother, brother, mammaw & her other…never was there a dad. We were a small family who strived to survive & took care of each other. Me going out to our huge pile of coal to shovel up buckets full for my mom so she wouldn’t have to so she could keep the stoker going. Mowing & weed eating so my mom wouldn’t have to, brother wasn’t old enough.
I am an animal lover especially with dogs, boxer bulldogs are my favorite…. I will melt in your arms if you give me a full blood boxer puppy. I love the colors purple & black, purple being my favorite.
I have a passion for Christmas time, cooking & decorating like no other.
I love stuffed animals & dolls of any kind. I currently have bags upon bags & totes full of them. Some I’ve owned since I was a little girl. The oldest toy is a little soft doll my mom gave me.
We moved to Georgia when I was 17, right before I turned 18 that December of ’93. I hated it. It wasn’t home but I’ve lived here ever since.
I met a guy whom I had two wonderful sons with & spent 22 married years with. We divorced about 2 years ago. We’re still good friends today. Now we have our first grandson who was born December 29th ’17. We’re not together as a couple but we’re blessed.
From August 6th ’16-December 18th ’17 (my bd), I had a boyfriend whom I fell madly in love with. I wanted to be his, to be his wife. He doesn’t love me back. He left me for someone else. Devastatingly destroyed.
I’ve struggled while being single the whole time. Today I currently live with my younger son & his wife because I had nowhere else to go. I’m glad they invited me.
I’m working 7 days a week & I’m tired. I lost everything I had almost. All while my heart is broken & being depressed. I lost my best friend too, she just quit me.
I have no one to turn to. I have no one I trust. I have no one to run to, not even for sex.
This is me. Parts of my life. But I left out a lot of nightmares I don’t wish to speak of.
I don’t know what’s in store for me or where I’ll end up. I don’t know what to do or where to go anymore. Most live day by day, I live minute by minute.
I’m afraid of relationships now so I avoid them. I’ve had sex with a couple of men & a woman, but I ran & haven’t returned. It’s been a month & I don’t even want it, simply because I can’t have the one I want. I’m not a whore so I can’t continue that nonsense. I’ll pleasure myself until I’m comfortable with someone again.
So many ask questions about me so I tried to answer some above.
I’m not a perfect person but I’m perfect at loving & caring. I have a big heart that no one seems to want for real.
Bits & pieces of me….

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  • Lori I have tried talking to you so many times you always push me away..I know what your going through I been there…I really wish I could help you but you have to let me before I can. I’m not looking for sex or anything else…I’m telling you I been there so I know how you feel. There was times I really wanted to die..I even put the gun in my mouth one night I started crying and praying for God to help me…I want to be your friend you can call when you need a friend..yes I care alot about you I want you better don’t let that sob to this to you no more…cheer sweetheart I’m telling you I’m here… Terry

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