February 18, 2018

The Next Chapter In My Life

Hello everyone. First off I want to apologize for sooo many negative posts. I didn’t delete them & I also opened up all the ones I had marked private for awhile. Even the ones with my used to be guy, some have parenthesis (HIM) in the title, some don’t. All of the posts are part of my life so I’m not getting rid of them even though it hurts to see the ones about him.
Last night I felt more pain than I ever have about him. Some of it is recorded & it’s on my YouTube channel. It’s not healthy for me at all to continue loving & wanting someone that wants nothing to do with me. With him, friends, troubles, etc…. None of it is healthy for me, I’m the only one bothered & hurting. I’m the only one who wakes up everyday & falls asleep at night with them on my mind & him in my heart.
I’m worth so much more than what I received. I know this but sometimes you just can’t convince your heart of that when it wants someone or something.
I don’t hate anyone but to continue silently loving him & missing friends is destroying me completely. I want happiness even if it means without them.
I’m not a perfect woman but I’m one hell of a woman & can love the shit out of a man, but the man has to want it, has to be ready to stop the games & flirting & craziness. I’m not being mean nor am I pissed off, I’m just saying man nor woman will never be happy with the opposite sex until they’re ready to truly let someone love them.
I want wild, crazy, hot, passionate, silly sex & fun like I’ve never had before. I deserve it I do believe. I’ve been drug through hell & I’m in dire need of a break with a lot of fun. I can hold my end up very well, just need someone on the other end to focus on me & only me as I would do in return.
Just saying…..
I want new exciting adventures with a trustworthy soul.
Love, Lori

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