February 9, 2018

Good Morning People

For the social media…please read all of the post not just the short paragraph it shows you. Not being mean but you’re not seeing/reading the whole story, thank you!
Remember no one can take away your sunshine unless you let them. I temporarily allowed it but my happiness is extremely important to me.
I don’t care anymore who walked or walks out of my life. You wanna go….go honey. But I promise you’re gonna miss me, some already do(no joke) & I won’t have shit to do with them. I have a big heart & I forgive people a lot but once I’m done I’m done. And noooo I ain’t just talking about the guy geez lol. I’m talking about anyone from past or present over the last couple of years.
I have to say that this is the first time of me actually being totally single & I’m enjoying the shit out of it. No drama, no questions, no nothing. I’m not really feeling lonely either. Pretty cool. Making lots of money & I don’t have to share it lol. I get to fix my truck, I’m excited about that cause I loooovvvveee my truck.
I don’t know why lol but I’m hunting for land that has a good size building, or containers, or a barn that ain’t in too bad of shape. I really want it to be a big ole barn because I want to convert it into my home. Crazy? Lol. It may seem like it but that’s what I want to do, I love stuff like that! I would love that more than a fancy house. Or maybe even an old school building that’s out of service. Oh the possibilities lol.
Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to buy a full size school bus & convert it into an rv type thing. I wish I could do that before we go to Florida this summer. 😁
I can’t wait, I simply cannot wait til I can start getting some tools & find that land I want. I want to build dammit!! Hehe!
Being me is something only I can do. Those that want to be with or around you…..will.

That’s all I got this morning lol!
Well have a good day!!

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