February 8, 2018

Single? I think oh yeah baby!

I deserve a big ole fat break. I’m totally over wanting a relationship right now. I’m done…….d.o.n.e.
It don’t matter how pretty you are. How good of a soul you are. How good you are in bed. How wild & kinky you are. How caring you are. How faithful you are. How ambitious & driven you are……Men will still leave you for another woman just like that.
Like I said I’m done. I’m not done because I cant find no one, I have severrrral wanting to date me. But Lori here is over it. When I need the D I go out & get it then I go back home, that’s it. Not a hoe. No drama, no aggravation. Fuck that nonsense. I don’t need nor have time for a relationship, I’m taking care of me & rebuilding my empire.
Innocent, true hearted, faithful people are always the ones that always get the raw end of any deal. I always seem to walk right into those deals.
One day they may realize it or not what they’ve done to me & what they’ve lost, but one thing is for sure…..what you do to someone will always come back to you a hell of a lot worse & then they will most likely remember at that point.
I walked off & left my ex-husband causing him pain. I have received my karma for that….falling in love with someone I never should have, that mans karma will return to him for the pain he’s caused for me. Sorry, nothing but real life truth. And so will the return on the back stabbing friends as well. I won’t laugh at their karma but my resting bitch face will be worn as I mumble-mhmm I tried to warn you smh. JS
I’ll be just fine. I’ll move on & find someone that’ll treat me better than I’ve ever been treated in my life. Someone that will make me forget I was even heartbroken or sad at all. Someone that will never leave me for someone else. Someone that will cause me to feel the ‘falling in love’ for the first time is actually the first time. Not one sided fake relationships. BUT not right now. It’s all about me!
Also, speaking of my ex husband. We have become pretty good friends over the last several months. He’s helped me a lot talking out through some of my problems. We had our issues & shit like everyone else did or does. Forgiveness & respect are displayed. Were just friends. Its good for our kids for us to get along. Actually this summer we’re all going to Florida for a vacation together if everything goes well…me, him, our sons & grandson, & our daughter n law. Will be a blast!
But all seriousness aside, I’m enjoying being by myself. I’ve got to where I can’t stand to be around people for very long lol….gotta have my ‘me time’!!! I should’ve started this a long damn time ago & saved myself a lot of trouble & heartache. Especially since I had the gut feeling I was gonna get dumped anyway & sensed all the fake friend bs, its always right ya know!
Whateverrrrrrrrr LOL
So I’m working 2 jobs now making that money baby. 😋 And staying single, my money stays mine too. I’m not saying I’m out of the woods financially or emotionally yet, but I am saying there ain’t nobody worth me stressing my little heart over. Honey if someone don’t want you…let them go. Just because they can’t see the greatness you bring to the table doesn’t mean nothing, its them that is a nothing to you. People that want you, care about you, need you, etc…..Will Never Allow You To Leave Their Life. Remember that.
Cry, shout, scream, cuss, kick & punch, be sad for a little while but then…..Get your ass up & fight back like the woman & bitch you were raised to be. Stand your damn ground for YOU! Fk them.
I’m here writing & doing videos to tell you & prove to you that you are the one that’s worth it, worth everything! I almost deactivated my blog & vlog & my social media networks but I stopped because I had a fear of leaving someone in the dark out there. I can’t do that to people. I’m a brand new bitch now due to all the hell I’ve been put through but my heart is still huge for those that are hurting. I was gonna disappear but I cannot do that, to me I felt like it would be irresponsible of me to do so.
With all that said I guess I’m gonna try to head to bed early tonight well…try😁…


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