February 1, 2018

Off The Wall Talk

Hey, how are you all doing?
I can’t sleep as usual so here I am. I’m either on netflix, reading, or writing. I am absolutely mentally exhausted & for once I don’t want to write about all the shit I’ve been put through or going through. It don’t do me much good, I lost at everything anyway…….so whatever for a day.
Hey look I want to build something, it’s driving me nuts. I don’t much care what it is either lol. Just gimme some tools & wood & let me be! Oh & some pvc pipes, any size hehe.
I once took a 5 year break from working, stayed home & finished homeschooling my boys. But I got bored..A LOT during that time & I made & did all kinds of stuff. One time I was on my way home & I drove past this little bitty plant that had a shit ton of pallets for free! So I pulled in & loaded up & came back haha. I had no idea what I was gonna do with them until I sat down that night & got on pinterest. Omg. I stayed busy for weeks I tell ya! My ex husband never used his tools much during those years because I ruled the shop lol!! I would get up every morning, hair pulled back, old jeans & t-shirt on with my coffee & cigs, walking to the shop. My boys wasn’t even out of bed yet, I didn’t teach until the afternoon time. So from probably 8-4 I was in the shop then I’d cook supper while teaching the boys something. As soon as supper was done I would run back out there hahaha.
I actually remember enjoying my life at that time. My mom was still alive & everything. I had my boys home with me all the time too until my youngest got a part time job a few days a week. I do miss those days. I miss when everything was under control. I miss not having to stress so much over how I’m going to eat or pay a bill. I was still a mental wreck somewhat but I was normal compared to the state of mind I’m in now.
I love wishing wells so I started using just the pallet wood ( which took forever to pry apart!!! ). My first one was not so bad lol. Then I decided I wanted new wood so I got those cheap 1x4x8’s at home depot. I got good at not splitting them lol. Anyway, I built 3 more wells with those & some lady on facebook seen a pic of them & messaged me asking if I would make some for her upcoming wedding, wow I thought haha. I felt on top of the world like yeahhhh haha.
So when Christmas came around I was building all kinds of stuff to put lights on. I had a few people stop & tell me our yard looks awesome every Christmas. And a bunch drove by real slow or stopped. I loved it!! I made a helicopter, truck, snowmen, arches, big words ( like noel, peace, etc.), hearts, crosses, etc. I used really big pvc pipes that were super long & I post hole dug holes to drop them in & made big ole christmas trees. And so on & so on lol.
Not to mention playing landscaper, plumber, painter, & making all the damn squeaks on the upstairs floors stop! haha, that drove me nuts! Wow I miss a lot, sure do. Hmmm.
Lets see, what else. Oh I know, I used to get branches that were a little smaller around than the average broom. I would scrape the bark off, sand them down then use different stains to finish them…..I made walking canes, it was cool! Dang there’s so much stuff I used to do its crazy. But hey I still had kids taught & supper made every night while doing all that crazy stuff of mine. LOL
Well my eyes are heavy finally geez…
Comment some things y’all do to occupy yourself or just stuff you enjoy doing.
I feel like this post isn’t powerful because I’m not screaming & crying but I’m nodding my head falling asleep lol.
Okay, good night/good morning
Love, Lori

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