December 22, 2017


How can you have such a connection with someone & just let them go?
How can you spend so much time with someone & just let them go?
How can you enjoy someone more than others & just let them go?
How can you fuck with someone’s feelings & just ignore them & walk off?
How do you sleep at night???
How come your heart is so cold to someone that actually cares about you but warm to someone that uses you for your money?
How can you say I mean so much to you but just walk away without a decent goodbye?
How can you do this to another person & still function?
How can you walk away knowing they’re feelings involved?
How can you walk away knowing I have no one else to turn to but you? No one……
How can you give up just because my stress got a little difficult? Am I not worth it? I’m human too.
How can you act like I’m not even a human being?
How can you act like I’m the only one ever at fault?
Please explain to me what I’ve done so wrong to have to feel the way I do? What did I do?
Please explain why all of a sudden I’m not worth your time for a good morning text?
You mean everything to me. I’ve always thought & spoke of you like you hung the moon.
I would have never & still won’t ever do you like you’re doing me right now, I don’t have the heart to be so cruel to someone who means so much to me.
I know I’m not much to you at all but your everything to me & you’re taking that away from me. I know feelings weren’t part of the plan but I’m sorry I fell for you & I fell hard, you were an amazing person to me & you’re gonna walk away & leave me laying there like I was never anything to you. I’m sorry for being crazy, it comes with feelings. I care for you more than you’ll ever…ever understand.
And now it’s gone, you’re leaving me but yet you care for me? I dont understand.
How can you just forget about me?
How can you just never want to hold me again?
How come you don’t miss me like I miss you?
You can laugh & make fun of me with your friends that I’m some crazy person you have to get rid of immediately. You know I’d never jeopardize you or your life. But you were here with me & you know me. I’m not just some random whore. I’m not fake. I’m not crazy, I’m just depressed. And crazy about you.
I’ve never wanted or needed a man so much before in my life. I’ve never felt the way I do for you in my entire life, I guess that’s why I seem so difficult for you.
Circumstances are complicated but I’m the one who will pay for it for the rest of my life because I’m the fool that fell in love with you……

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