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Hey, a little venting lol

Good morning! I guess I’m in lazy mode this morning because I can’t get with it for nothing lol. Sitting here staring out the window wishing it was summer, I’m not fond of winter at all. Just don’t like it….ha.
Well I know I write a bunch of sad shit but I’m not apologizing for it. It helps me to let some of it out & I don’t have anyone around me to talk to all the time. So I’m consumed with my thoughts & quiet frankly they are driving me nuts!!!! hahaha. 
I have got to stay off of the social media more, that nonsense is ridiculous. Most of it ain’t nothing but hooking up, everybody sleeping with everybody, disgusting. And heaven forbid if a girl likes a guys a new profile pic….he’s all up in the inbox thinking you want him. Like ‘Heather Land’ says….”I ain’t doing it”. I won’t anymore, not unless I know them. I guess the women act that way too. I don’t think that way. I see the likes on my stuff & all the comments but I’m not in anyone’s inbox. That & there is a huge majority of men(on my friends list) that all have the same women friends. If I go & just simply pick one to check out (one of the girls I’m not friends with), all the same guys are liking all her stuff & commenting the same shit. I’m also guessing they’re are sending good morning & night messages to them as well, asking if they’re okay, if they need a friend to talk too, happy birthdays, that was a good or funny post, I can relate to you, you’re so beautiful, do I know you?, I can’t stop staring at your picture, let me take you out for supper/lunch/breakfast, etc……………………………..Need I say more. It’s very bothersome to know that you can’t trust or believe any of them. They’re more than likely doing every woman that way in hopes that one or two will respond & take them up on an offer just so they can have a funbuddy or two or more………Just saying, nothing but the truth. It’s untelling how much sexting goes on between them all. I’m sure this post will piss them off but sorry it’s very close to the truth. Face it.
Okay so anyway, I got carried away there lol. I just hate how it works & I will not date anyone else from the social media sex world.
I have decided that after the first of the year & after my grandson is born of course, I’m not going to miss that. I’m going to take myself on a little getaway somewhere. I know where I’m headed but I’m not telling anyone until after I’m there or after I get back. I need a break real bad. I have been through hell the past couple of years & I haven’t slowed down. I got to get away & just take care of me.
I spent the last two days, especially yesterday dealing with an episode of depression. It seems to still want to play today but I don’t! I keep shaking it off & making myself get out of bed & just simply walk through my house. I can’t keep allowing this shit to overtake me, it’s crazy,
It would be nice though to know I was cared for. I don’t see or hear much but that’s okay I’m used to it. I always give too much of myself to people that don’t respect me. I always care or love them too much as well. My downfall I guess. I know losing some people is a blessing. But honestly I know that some have regretted it, losing me. I’m not a bad person, but they’ll fuck around & lose my ass before they realize I was already gone while they forgot me, screwed me over, fucked around behind my back. Then they all of a sudden want me back because they thought they had me like that. Thinking they’ll get a good girl & sleep with the whores on the side. Thought I’d always just be hanging on. When I’m done……I’m done.
Okay I vented for the day haha. Men just piss me off & make me sick to my stomach with all the lies. But I’ll shut up for the moment anyway.
Have a wonderful day! If you can after reading this mess LOL!!!

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