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Deep Soul

Deserving to be loved and not to have to hide all the precious parts of myself. For I am capable of giving you a reason to live.
Don’t want to wonder if I am cared for. I’ll always be something you will never forget.
Others left me not because of my flaws, but because of my strength, my soul. You and I are miracles that should be admired.
I learned I am not unlovable, it’s the others who were incapable of loving me.
I will say I like you or care for you. If I explain that the passion I feel for you runs deep in my soul, you will run from me.
I am the fucking thunder in your raging storm. Together we are one.
I’ve got you, I’ll help you, I’ll protect you.
Your darkest shadows, your demons you fight, I am there holding them back from you.
I will always want you more than anyone and I would never cause question.
Claim me, I need your rough passion to break my walls so that you can be with me.
I don’t want to have to break my own heart to let you out. Out of my soul.

Lori Hensley

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