December 4, 2017

House Inspector (naughty)

Mature only-18+only!!! Under 18 is not allowed!
Paula was laying in the couch watching a movie when there was a knock at her door. She wasn’t expecting anyone so she wondered who it could be. She opened the door and to her surprise stood a very good looking man. She asked if she could help him. He said he needed to inspect the house inside and out for the homeowners since she rented the place. He said he’d inspect the outside first then would need to inspect the inside right quick. She said ok with a nervous crack in her voice.
Paula hadn’t been with a man in so long she almost forgot what it was like. She thought to herself why am I thinking of sex with him and laughed to herself. She waited and finally he knocked again. She opened the door and turned to walk back to the couch and told him make himself at home. The inspector..’Todd’, said ok thanks as he watched her walk staring hard at her ass. Paula had no idea but if she did she would’ve attacked him right there.
Todd got done with the rest of the house and had the living room to go and he’d be done. Paula sat up and apologized for being all lazy like. He chuckled and said don’t mind me, you look real good laying there all comfy. Paula smiled, then realized he just said she looked good….omg she thought! She couldn’t speak another word, she just sat there staring at him. He kept glancing at her and caught her several times lol. He sat down beside her on the couch and asked if she minded, of course she said no lol. He was flipping through paperwork and he asked her if she was single. Paula could feel her heartbeat pounding her body. She said yes I am single unfortunately. Todd looked at her and smiled and said well it’s not unfortunate for me. Paula about fell off her couch.
He asked questions and she answered some. He started to leave saying well I guess I will get out of your house before you kick me out. Paula blurted out, you could stay all day and I wouldn’t mind. Todd sat his stuff down and walked back over and sat down really close to her. He asked her are you sure because I really want to stay? She was shaking because his leg was touching her leg, she finally said yes.
He turned a little toward her and stared into her eyes….she was falling apart. He told her all the beautiful nothings every girl wants to hear. Then leaned in to kiss her, she kissed back. They kissed slow and passionately then kissed a little deeper. Paula pulled back and said I’m sorry I don’t even know you. Todd caressed her face and said you do now. He touched her thigh and Paula freaked on the inside because her pussy immediately got soaking wet. She couldn’t stop it. She couldn’t stop what they started, there was no way.
Paula had on just a tank top and loose shorts, no panties, no bra. Todd got in the floor in front of her. He could tell she was nervous and softly told her to relax. She laid back on the couch and Todd grabbed her legs and pulled her toward him. He kissed her thighs all over. He kissed her pussy through her shorts several times. Paula was watching him and she was speechless. He gently slid her shorts aside, smiled and said mmmm no panties. Paula smiled back. He kissed her pussy all over gently. Licked her pussy lips then flickered his tongue on her clit ever so lightly. Paula thought she was gonna die from the pleasure.
Todd slowly ran his tongue in between her lips and slowly come to sucking on her pussy, sucking her clit harder. He slipped his tongue inside her very wet pussy, licking it all up. He went on for about an hour it felt like to Paula but it was fine by her. He slowly made his way up kissing her stomach then sucking each breast so softly, it was making her nuts it felt so good. Kissing her neck, nibbling her ears then kissing her mouth again. Paula was touching his chest and rubbing his thighs. Todd stood up and took off everything but his boxers and Paula could see the man was damn packing! She was actually a little afraid lol but wanted it to hurt so good. He pulled her to set up on the edge of the couch. He pulled his boxers down and his huge dick so hard was there in her face. Paula told him he was gorgeous as she wrapped her hand around his dick.
Paula slowly began sucking on him up to a faster point where he had his hands on the back of her head, carefully but stroking in and out of her mouth. They were both very in tune with one another. What Paula didn’t know was that Todd hadn’t been with anyone in awhile either after his last breakup. He was nervous too but she never seen it.
Todd stood Paula up in front of him and was sliding his dick on her wet pussy while wildly kissing her. Todd laid her down on the couch and jumped right on top of her saying I want to feel you as he was putting the tip inside of her. She was wet and warm and snug. Todd almost lost his senses at that point because she felt so good. He pounded her for awhile before sitting back and letting her ride him and damn could she ride he thought. She grinds better than he’s ever had a woman to do before. He couldn’t get enough of her. Paula climbed up and put her pussy in his face while grabbing his hair and started grinding on his face. Todd loved it and thought where the hell has this been all my life?
They moved into her bedroom. Todd had her legs pinned up high and pounded her until she squirted her juices all over his dick, then he released and cummed with her! He fell on the bed beside her, cleaned up and they both passed out. They woke up about an hour later laughing and cuddling up to each other. Todd was fingering her while she was kissing on his neck making her wet again. She grabbed his dick and started stroking him until he was rock hard. They 69 for a little bit before Paula was being pounded doggy style. The second time was a quickie and then they were starved after all that hard work from fucking each other. Plus Paula could barely walk……
They ended up becoming a couple and the sex only got wilder from that point!!!

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