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Dear Future

I’m writing this now to tell you a few things in advance in case you forget about me……… others do on a daily basis. Or get annoyed or tired of me & push me aside for someone who they think is better then want me back in their life when they realize I cannot be replaced…………you’ll have this letter to pick up when I’m not around.
Please allow happiness, safety, wealth, & good health for me & my little family until time for us to go home.
Please reroute those people with such ugly attitudes & those that ain’t true to me far away from my road. I don’t need the ones I have now & don’t wish for new ones in my life.
Please keep depression away from me from now on, you can keep that, I don’t need it anymore.
Please don’t send me anymore friends….I’m good there too.
Most importantly can you please guide the man meant for me to my front door? I’m tired of waiting & I’m tired of being alone every minute of every day. It’s already gotten old as hell. Someone that’ll never leave me for another & refuses to have another while with me because I’m not enough. Someone that wants to be around me & will care & take care of me only & not unknown others as well. Someone that will be my best friend not just my lover. Please? Someone that will hold me when I’m acting crazy instead of running off…..And only makes me laugh & only tells me I’m beautiful. I want him now please. And I don’t want it to be anything like the pic below.
For my writing to take off like a jet because if I ever have to step foot inside another mill job I just might seriously go crazy, no joke.
That’s pretty much it I guess. I may be asking for a lot since I added the man part lol but figured I’d give a try anyways. Just sucks being alone all the time.
p.s. yes I know my future is in Gods hands not just some letter.

Lori Hensley

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