December 2, 2017

Good Afternoon!

I have to say that I’m very upset at some people today. People just ain’t what they used to be when I was younger. Nowadays no one seems to have a heart. It’s rare anymore to come across someone that does & more than likely they’re from my era. Not saying there ain’t good people from anytime, it’s just rare.
I swear I can skip on a bill, a bill okay & I can’t stop thinking about it, let along screw someone over or leave someone hanging that’s in need. I just don’t get it. It kills me to drive past someone broke down but because of how people are you can’t just trust they’re not going to attack your ass. It’s crazy. I just say a prayer as I drive by, on that I don’t know what else to do?
Anyway, how do people sleep at night knowing they boldly & cold heartedly screwed someone over or turned their head on someone in need? How????
I normally don’t have much but I’ll help when & with what I can. If I was rich I wouldn’t be rich long because I’d be giving it to everyone lol…..’Oh, you need groceries?….a bill paid?….a house?…Okay’. That’d be me lol.
Seriously though how do they live with themselves? Does something snap inside them & they just become heartless or are they born like that? I’ve tried my best to be heartless but it’s not in me & believe me there’s some that deserve nothing but for me to a cold hearted bitch to them! Oh I how I could fuck them over but I can’t. Can’t do it. So how can they? Huh?
Well as for me & my 3 kids & grandson (yes I’m claiming my daughter n law as mine) I’ll have our backs regardless to the best of my ability.
Yes I’m still working hard towards my blog being my main career because all I want to do is write & write about anything lol. I love it. I’ve wrote stuff all my life. I have notebooks everywhere where I’ve wrote this n that’s. I know it’s hard being a writer, I’ve been patient & will continue until it takes off. Meanwhile I’m not slowing down period. I have children’s book wrote already & I’m working on another one about a couple of teenagers which I put part of that book in one of my posts, not sure which one though.
Well have a great day, had to write before I exploded lol.

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