November 30, 2017

The First Time Story With Him (intense sex with HIM)

The first time you messaged me, I couldn’t stop smiling.
The first time I met you, I got lost in your eyes.
The first time I touched you, I wanted to touch you again.
The first time you kissed me, my senses lost their mind.
The first time I was up against you with your arms wrapped around me, I knew I wanted to be there again. Especially on our knees on the bed, you behind me wrapped around me.
The first time my hand caressed the side of your face, it became my favorite place to touch you.
The first time you touched my body, I forgot everything going on around me.
The first time our naked bodies were one, I…I…I couldn’t breathe.
The first time you were inside of me, I felt such passion that it overwhelmed me.
The first time you left my side, I was scared I’d never see you again. I had to have more & more.
The uncontrollable shaking & trembling followed by orgasms that damn near cause me to pass out. (That’s a fucking orgasm right there!)
Domination so pleasurable I forget the world even exists at that moment. Being submissive is a gift to you & you only. It is highly erotic for me as I sense it is for you as well. How I wish I could return the favor to dominate. Things I wanna do to you but can’t find the nerve to do or even to discuss about it. Nothing scares me except that, why I wonder?
I may not return the same excitement for you but just know I tried to.
Passion so great like I’ve never felt in my life. Mesmerizing intense feelings.
What am I to do with me though? When you’re not around? I fear it is ending.
Every thought, every feeling, every moment is still as strong as the first time.
Have any of you ever met someone that just absolutely blew your mind? Body? How do you contain it? To me it’s like over blowing up a ballon with helium & it’s only allowed to bounce off the ceiling inside, it can’t fly high in the sky & soar & eventually explode. I can’t even really explain it. I feel like a little kid who got a big ole lollipop for the first time, just ooohing & ahhhing over it wanting to show & tell…….Looky what I got!! Haha. I’m serious though. It’s freaking amazing!
It’s bitter sweet. It’s erotic. It’s passion. Sex without passion isn’t worth having, it’s a waste of time. You can tell the difference between passion & simply just attracted. Attraction ends up not being that great but doable. Passion ends up making you want more & more like an addiction. ( I am addddddicted).
Sweating, hair all fucked up, room smells of sex, squeezing, moaning. Devilish looks in your eyes towards each other. Licking, sucking, nibbling. Kissing, tasting, touching, stroking, pounding until you both pass out wondering if it’s a heart attack.
Paddled like a corrupt school girl who’s been really bad. Ass cheeks stinging but it’s an intense stinging that causes wetness. I do enjoy it.
Oral for more than 10 mins….I think hell yes! You do it as if I’m a delicious peach. Exploding on your face would be the next nicest thing…you know, be my first.
I had to write it all out like this because there’s not one word to just sum it all up. A bit long & a tad detailed. But it’s all true.
Who wouldn’t want all that? All the time? Every time? I sure as hell do!

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