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I have experienced a few battles in the last couple of years up to now that I’ve set myself free from. It truly is a powerful feeling to be free from junk. Let me tell ya though, on each battle I was absolutely terrified of the change. Scared of the steps I had to take to free myself. To me I’m getting closer to where I want to be, might be scary but if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be real or mean anything right?
I started this post yesterday but I got such a bad headache I couldn’t hardly look at the screen.
I’ve always liked the little things in life & paying attention to them seems relaxing. I do have big dreams but who doesn’t? Yes I’m still working towards them not just dreaming & talking about them.

Doing my thing is so freeing I just can’t express how great it feels. I’ve already had several people looking at me like I’ve lost my mind hahahaha…..I assure you I have not lol. I know what I’m doing & I trust myself, I may not trust another soul out there but I trust myself.
Annnd I have to mention something, something that’s caught my eye on facebook. I noticed there is a lot of women posting posts & memes about how lonely & heartbroken they are. I’m in the same boat but I’ve come to realize that I’m damn worth it & if they can’t realize that before they lose me well…fk em! They’ll notice my ass walking away, I don’t care anymore. And I wish these other women realized that as well. The whole everybody hiding their relationship status so they can hook up with as many as they can get is destroying people that are falling for them & obviously they don’t care. I said that because I seen a friend on my list post about how he got unfriended because he commented a holiday wish to her & her husband….she deleted the comment & him, she didn’t want the other guys knowing she’s married. And this kinda thing is breaking these women’s hearts that are falling for what they think is a good guy when in fact even if he’s single he probably has a dozen women on the side to play game on. (Women are just as guilty of the game by the way).
Sorry I might have went a little far on that subject haha. It’s just that, that’s how it is today. Everyone is sleeping with everyone & I’m over here like hmmm not me, I must be the only one that doesn’t hook up with just whatever will have me. Lol. I just think I’m more than that, more important than just a number or a notch in someone’s belt, just saying.
But anyway I’ll quit bitching lol. I’m not upset just writing about what I saw & it makes you think that the world is really crazy.

I do want to say that I’m learning to love myself more & more everyday. I realized that when I decided to put my foot down & started changing my life & to no longer tolerate bullshit from jobs, things, or people. It…is…freeing! Love it!
Well have a great day people!!!!

Lori Hensley

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