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Bold Moves

Sometimes in life you just have to jump…just jump. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks at all. It’s all about you! And in my life it’s all about me, I have to do what is best for me. I’m scared to death of changes but I believe I will be such a happier person if I take that next step in my life.
My gut feelings are all terrified but it’s not the bad kind of feelings I normally get, it’s my nerves & me afraid of changes. I can’t keep going on like I have been, it’s going to kill me if I do.
I want to be happy & only I can make myself truly happy. I want to make my dreams come true but only I can do that. I want to be living better off than I do but only I can change that. You see, it’s only yourself that can do anything to change your life, no one else is responsible nor do they feel in your heart what you feel.
I’ve lived unhappy for far too long for everyone else, it’s my time. I’ve put my own self aside for far to many years for everyone else to be happy. Time for my happiness. Time for me to truly live life to the fullest. Time to learn to open my heart to love & be loved.
Sometimes you just gotta take that leap & jump!

Lori Hensley

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