November 9, 2017


Good morning people! I’m freezing this morning here in georgia, my house is so cold brrr lol. I heard it was snowing up north somewhere, I don’t think I’m quite ready for all that!
It’s getting closer to time for my grandson to get here! So excited!!! I can’t help but think of how much I’m going to spoil him hehe!

So I wanted to write a little bit about us feeling like we’re not good enough. I have to get out my paper where I write things down to read to remind myself when people hurt my feelings or treat me like shit. If I don’t do that, it will slam me in a depressive mood for days. I won’t stand for that anymore. People are rude, inconsiderate, selfish assholes. You must remember that. It is not you, it’s a reflection of the ass that they are by how they treat you.

I don’t have low self esteem but people can still hurt my feelings, it happens. I’m going to tell you something I have not told anyone. I spent weeks & I mean weeks if not longer feeling like I should die. I lost more weight, got more wrinkles, got lazy in all areas, & couldn’t of gave two fucks about nothing. Felt like I could never please another if I had to get naked, I felt disgusting. And all that was because I was made to feel like I wasn’t good enough, I allowed it to get to me. Then one day I just decided…Fuck This! I’m a fucking savage & those that can’t respect that can kiss my ass! I haven’t felt like it sense. I do have moments that get to me but I shake it off quickly.
You got to understand that anyone who is willing to allow you to feel bad about yourself doesn’t deserve a spot in your life! Get rid of them! I don’t care how long you’ve known them or whatever. No one deserves to fall asleep at night feeling like you don’t matter or are ugly or worthless. They can change or they can leave.
I don’t care if you are male or female… You are important, You are beautiful, You matter! Find people that will appreciate you not disrespect you.
I know from plenty of experience dealing with people that use to make me feel like that. It sucks. If it’s a friend or family member you wonder to yourself if you just suck as a person in general…you don’t, they do. If it’s a significant other, it’s not you, your body, or yourself. Don’t look at your body & get disgusted like I have, I’m beautiful & so are you. More than likely it’s just that they came across someone who is easy to get in bed with. It ain’t you. They suck! Most people can get a little bit of attention from the other sex & they forget all about you, show them they can’t come back. Only then will they realize what they had.

If someone doesn’t want to lose you, they will do everything in order to keep you. If they don’t, let them go. You are the most important, your family & such need you, you gotta take care of yourself & remove the negative.
You are valuable.
You are wanted.
You are beauitful.
You are a fucking king/queen!
Don’t allow anyone or anything to make you feel any different.
I’m getting older so I get paranoid about my body sometimes but I’ve yet to hear anything negative but a few times. Those few times damn near killed me because not only do I deal with depression but dealing with that made it worse. That’s ok though….What one or two are negative about, someone else truly enjoys.
I’m only writing about things I deal with or have dealt with in hopes to help someone else.
I had to learn from a hard long road that I must fall in love with me, myself first. When you do you will look at everyone & everything different. You will see who or what needs to be removed from your life. Take the first scary step…it’s worth it!

Love ya, Lori
P.S. I know it says good morning but it took me a little while to get back on here to finish up writing, it’s now afternoon lol.

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