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Changes & New Directions

Good morning. Yay I’m writing again, two days in a row! Don’t know about tomorrow lol. Hope all is well with everyone & y’all have a great day today.
Once again I have added a little more to the changing my life status. The more I learn about those around me, the less I want anything to do with anybody. By no means am I saying I’m perfect…I just mean the way they are towards me & treat me in general, not them as the person they are. People are really mean ya know, down right dirty & cruel. I’m so disgusted by some it ain’t even funny. I’d rather be alone than be a friend or such just when it’s convenient for them or when they need something.
Me..make new friends..ain’t happening. I’m tired & getting too old for childish games from adults who refuse to stop acting like they’re teenagers.
Like I’ve wrote before, I’m changing areas in my life & doing different things to better myself. Some things some people know about but there’s some no one knows about, can’t tell everyone everything about you.

Yes there is a new me coming about. I don’t view anything or anyone the same anymore. Pain has impacted my life in such a way that I can’t trust no one but me. I’m not perfect, I’m not no queen, but I guarantee you & there’s proof from others….you don’t want me to walk out of your life. But I will walk out of yours when I feel disrespected or I’m to my limit of being fucked over.

I’m sick of people saying I am insecure & a few say I don’t have any confidence. Hahaha. I know who I am & I damn well know what I’m capable of. I know exactly what I can offer. If you’re not seeing it then that’s your fault because you’ve done something to cause me to hold back from giving & showing you my all. I’m not the typical female who is afraid to get dirty or can’t cook or don’t know her way around a toolbox or can’t have sex right or can’t drive. And as part of the insecure deal…..Jealousy does not make me insecure, it means I care. Eventually I will stop caring though no matter the situation, friends or family.

Yea the meme above is definitely one of my new changes in my life. I ain’t begging or pleading for anyone to spend time with me anymore. If they don’t want to be around me, fine, then don’t! If I ain’t worth someones time then they don’t need to be in my life anyway.
People that want to be around you won’t be able to stay away from you, remember that!

I love the saying above because it reflects back to the weak ass friends I used to have & men.
Someday someone will come along who will appreciate me for who I am whether it’s a friend or a man, & will force their way in my life because I ain’t letting no one in now lol, until then I’ll just keep to myself for my own hearts sake.
Also I can’t say what all I’m changing due to the fact that for one I’m not ready to say some if it & also I have haters, so you know how that goes. They’ll watch me shine from a distance because they’re no longer allowed to be a part of my life.
I’m getting better everyday regardless of the bad days.
Kicking Depression’s Ass!!!

Lori Hensley

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