November 6, 2017

Well..Good Morning

It’s a dreary day but I am not at work so it is a beautiful day lol! The older I get & the more bs I deal with, being at home is ‘sweet’. Ain’t nobody giving me orders or bitching at me. More & more everyday I’m appreciating being single. Doing exactly what you want & living exactly how you want is nice. You figure out what your’re made of & find yourself a little bit more.
I haven’t wrote in 2 weeks, just couldn’t. I couldn’t even write one sentence down to save me. So much bs & hurt had overwhelmed me to the point I couldn’t speak. You’d think I’d be used to it by now….people treating me like shit for no reason. All the lying & backstabbing, well apparently I’m not lol. But I have however shut down to the assholes in my life & to anyone new, I don’t want to get to know anyone else for fear of the same shit. A few regret losing me but oh well! Once I walk away from you I am done with you! Straighten up & treat me like a human being or fuck off.
Rant over haha….
I just went blank lol, I hate this. I want to write but there’s nothing there. No stories, nothing.
I have changed though. I have become cold hearted to most people, mostly those that do me wrong. I don’t even give the ones I give up on the pleasure of even an eye glance. I walk by like they don’t exist because they don’t to me.
It is nice not dealing with some of the drama anymore. So quite lol. There’s more on the list ‘Getting booted outta my life’, just waiting for right moment & some are on their last chance.
You got to stand up for yourself at some point or they’ll overtake you & so will all your problems.
I’m hoping here in a few weeks I can take a little vacation by myself, I desperately need it so bad. Gonna just disappear when the time comes lol.
Well have a good day everyone! Stay positive or the junk in your life will eat you alive.

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