Reality Knocks

Reality Knocks

Good late evening everyone. I spent time with my older son today. We drove around & went for a walk at a local historic site. The place wasn’t exciting but just being with my son was awesome. Talking about everything under the son lol.
And I done some thinking on the majority of people I’m around, whether at work, home, or whatever. I realized that I am the only one that has my back.
I tried to do a video for my youtube channel but I kept saying shit I shouldn’t so I gave up & decided to write it out lol. I figured since people think it’s okay to judge me & talk about me behind my back & make up shit about me, I should at least be able to speak for myself. But the funny thing is, is not one person so far has had the guts to say anything to my face. And I know I said I’d quit talking about it but I am going to stand up for myself & speak the truth.

  • I don’t lie to anyone, period.
  • I don’t make up stories or lies or rumors on people for any reason, period.
  • I don’t cheat, period. Even though I’m being accused of it.
  • If I show you attitude there is a reason for it, normally you’ll just be ignored, but if you continue I will move forward with returning the favor. But that’s it.

Why are they attacking & blaming me….who the hell knows. Drama & attention queens get bored I guess. Bottom line is I’m being made out to be something I’m not & it’s bullshit. Not to mention one of them messages the person I’m seeing & lies about it…….sooooo why wouldn’t I be pissed off about that??? All I can say is karma is a bitch, it will be returned back to all that’s fucking me over behind my back.
Just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I don’t know or see what each & every person is doing. I swear I refuse to get to know anyone else now. Sick of being lied to & used. I have officially reached my limit of bullshit I can tolerate. And it’s all because why?…Because no one truly gives a shit about you & they show it in time.
That’s really all I have to say. Kinda fed up at this moment.

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