It’s an awful ugly feeling isn’t it? To just go unnoticed due to various reasons or the feeling of not being able to satisfy. It’s strange to me how it happens when you least expect it. I mean, you think you’re something just to find out that you’re not or feel like you’re rated as normal or less when you felt like you were on top of the world. I was so upset with this last night I had trouble going to sleep. Other people just don’t pay attention to how they make you feel or they don’t care one.
I live alone & keep to myself so when I allow a few people in my circle & then I’m made to feel like that, well, it hurts.
I woke up this morning in a better mood but can’t help but wonder….why? I just don’t understand why people are rude or inconsiderate of others feelings. But I’ve wondered that all my life. I’ve always dealt with mean people for some reason, even all the way back to school days. I think I’m some sort of target or something or I have run all over me & treat me like shit stamped on my forehead lol. Not to mention the junk I still deal with at work, such a joke.
I do however want to speak for myself though for a minute since others have took it upon themselves to speak for me……..

  • I do not & have not spread rumors about anyone
  • I don’t lie, my eyes tell on me lol
  • I have not cheated even though I’m being accused of it
  • If I have something to say, I will tell you to your face (I recommend you think it through before approaching me though, JS)
  • I am clearly not jealous of any bitch so get that shit out of ya head, you ain’t all that

The only reason I said all that is there is so much tension at work it’s just stupid lol. I hear shit that’s being said & it’s hilarious really because they’re only describing themselves, I do none of that shit haha.
Well I tried to write something more cheerful but it didn’t work out lol! I promise I’ll have something good wrote up soon. I’d say almost everyone that writes anything knows that your emotions play a big part on what you write or how you write it out. I have however banned myself from writing when I’m angry or sad because I’ll say things I really don’t want anyone knowing. Then I have to go back through & delete sentences here & there lol.
Till next time, hopefully something cheery or sexual!!

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