October 27, 2017

It's my life!

Good morning again! Looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day.
I’m at my new favorite place to walk & run this morning. I’m actually writing this walking lol. It is peaceful.
Changes in my life are being made. I’m not happy with some things or people so I’m changing it. I’ve definitely met some of the worst people in my life where I’m at right now. I refuse to even respond to their immaturity. (I talk about it here but thats it). I wrote about it the other day….it’s still going on. Any future people will play hell getting to know me, getting close to me or even being an acquiantance of mine. I’ve been nothing but lied to, cheated on, used, ignored, mistreated, laughed at, left for dead. I’m beyond done with being fucked with. Being too nice is what gets you all the above. Fuck that & fuck them. Their lies & deceit are surfacing. I will be the first to laugh in their damn face! They all seem to forget that I know shit and can end them. But I’m gonna wait because they’re doing a pretty good job on their own. Karma motherfuckers.
But this is my life & I’m going full force to live it. I ain’t nobodys to the point of being tied down. Ain’t nobody wants me full time anyhow & I ain’t searching for it, fuck it. A lot will notice I disappeared when it’s too damn late to care or decide they want me. Once I’m gone…I’m gone.
Results of changing everything are slowly coming into play. I’m not going to write details right now because of the haters, they don’t deserve to know me any further. Would hate for them to get even more jealous obviously since I’m the one they’re attacking for no reason at all, just like highschool hahahaha!
Bye for now. Have a great day!!
Love, Lori

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