October 22, 2017


Ok so I seen a meme on my facebook wall today & I cannot stop pondering on it. This is the meme below.

Read it, I mean really read it. The way I’m being treated by a few certain people & applying those words to them really has me baffled.
So those that think I’m a liar, a gossiper, a cheater, & a just no good person reflects who they are? That explains a lot to me. Everything they’re accusing me of is actually what they’re guilty of. Hmm. Says a lot. And what’s sad is I can see all of that in them.
Sorry for the grouchiness but peoples attitudes toward me & how they treat me like shit is starting to become annoying. I know who I am, I know my worth as a woman, a human being. I may not be rich or famous, or have a brickhouse body, or have a college degree, but baby I’m everything the right man would love to have or a friend & that’s the truth.
So you guys, I push mowed my yard today & hopefully for the last time this season, it kicked my ass! Lol. While I was mowing I told myself I am never doing this again, I will own a riding mower by the next season.
I am progressing in bettering my life. It has been a slow start but everything will work out. Ain’t nobody got my back like I do!
Everybody has dreams & one of mine is to NEVER work in a manufacturing plant again. I can’t wait & won’t stop working for my dreams until I get them. One of them is to roll out of bed, grab my coffee & open up my blog or my ebook site & write. Not rush & dread & waste my life away working at dead end jobs. And obviously my next dream is to travel…..can’t wait!
Because I’m single I guess I also dream of finding a man that will love me for me & ONLY me. It would be nice to not have to sleep alone anymore & to have someone to share my crazy life with.
I’ve been on this kick lately where I’m sick to death of being lied to. What people say & do don’t add up & I’m fed up with it. And what kills me is I have messages & stuff where it’s obvious I’m lied to by several. Just tired of it. Just because I don’t lie & I’m loyal means nothing to some. They don’t give a shit & I’m going to start returning the favor as well…not giving a shit.
Ok before y’all think I’m all pissy, I’m not really. I’m beyond that now so it’s actually more dangerous haha. It’s just a person can only take so much before they snap lol.
Y’all have a good day!

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