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It’s sad when you understand & see just how much you don’t mean to people like you thought you did. When you’ve been blindsided ya know. Hard times are not the only times you see how much you mean to others. Some people are sneaky & evil, & don’t care one bit about you personally. They may act it when the need of you arises but more than likely, they don’t give you a single thought. Those kinds of people are the worst, it takes time to see their true self sometimes. These are people you’ve known for years or lived with, etc.
Truths come out eventually & when they do you sometimes don’t know just exactly how to take it. You got two choices, deal or leave them be. The world is full of so many fake people these days it’ll make you sick. It’s not how it was when I was growing up, people actually gave a damn about you & would treat you accordingly. Nowadays honesty, faithfulness & someones word doesn’t mean shit. Some of us are mature enough to hold onto those things we were taught & actually apply them to our lives as well as to others lives.
I have sat & watched people closely lately. I even check into them, like their conversations, their social media, listening to what they say or do, etc. It’s really…I don’t know…pathetic I guess?…at how just ridiculously easy people are to read & they can’t stand it when you call them out on anything either. It absolutely pisses some off. Oh well, sorry I will call people out anyone anymore, I don’t have time nor the heart to deal with fake ass people who’s only intentions are to use, hurt, or destroy you.
Everybody has something to hide from others in their life whether it’s something you’ve outgrown from when you was raising hell at a younger age, or something you still do, or something bad that happened to you. Skeletons as you will… But if the type of person they are involves hurting or mistreating others in any way, they are the lowest scums period.
Who stops to help someone on the side of the road anymore? I can say I honestly don’t simply because people are not trust worthy. How am I to know it isn’t another case of crooked people itching to kill me just to rob me or steal my ride? Me being female I feel it’s best for my own safety to not stop anymore & that’s sad because I want to but I can’t. I do however say a prayer as I go by but that’s all I can do. But that’s how bad people have become today, you don’t know who’s what anymore. I used to stop & give people rides that were walking if they were going semi my way, but I don’t dare do that now.
What about people pulling together for one family in need? You don’t see or hear much about that happening anymore. It’s once in a blue moon that I hear anything like that but it is rare.
Heads turn when someone needs help whether they need a helping hand or $5.
What about relationships? I think the only ones that are real are the ones that are old & have been together some 30-50 odd years. People get married & they’re not even in love, it’s like they want the attention or simply don’t want to be alone. Neither are good for each other nor faithful. ‘People are together who are not in love & those that are in love are apart for selfish reasons’.
I don’t think I want to be in a serious relationship again, it scares the hell out of me. It really does. For me, it’s faithfulness. Not one has been truly faithful to me & I don’t intend to find another one, just saying. ‘If you are a secret you are not the only one they’re messing with’…remember that, others are being kept a secret as well. Don’t be fooled.
I’ll be honest, I don’t have but a couple of things about me that I hide from everyone. It’s my business & I don’t feel it’s necessary for anyone to know. I’m slowly getting to the point where I don’t like sharing anything about me to most people. I’m not using anyone or hurting anyone, nothing like that, it’s just personal shit. But that doesn’t make me act like the typical fake ass people today. I’m as real as I can be. I don’t have an image to maintain, I’m me & I don’t give a shit what others think. The only thing that bothers me is being told or showed I’m cared about then finding out it’s a put on, a lie or finding out that everybody gets the same special treatment as you when you believed it was just you. That pisses me off to no end & that’s why I’ve let a lot of people go.
Truths suck sometimes but it’s better than being deceived.
Will we ever get back to the way it used to be? Probably not.

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