October 18, 2017

Good Morning

Some days you wake up and realize how blessed you are. Sometimes through the heavy fog of troubles we tend to forget how blessed we are or our attention is solely focused on troubles.
Removing toxic people out of our lives is so refreshing. I didn’t realize just how peaceful it would be. I’m not going to keep talking about the crap I’ve been dealing with at my job but I wanted to say this: Found out people are not believing for one second that I started any rumors about this girl. They know she’s lying and they know how she is (people see it for themselves) and know she’s nothing but trouble. I remained calm through it and I still am, I’m not a child and I refuse to contribute to her or anyone else’s lies or attitudes. I know who I am and I don’t need attention from tons of people to prove my worth. Some women think they’re untouchable on their high horse but I got news for you…evil doesn’t win…ever. How you treat others will always come back on you, and even worse than what you dished out to someone.
Anyway, that’s absolutely enough of wasting my time on that topic. I just wanted to end it by sharing that if you’re a true hearted person and you remain true, you will come out on top and triumph over the evil ones that come against you. People know and can sense who’s true or not.
I’m going to try and take some new pictures of something today or tomorrow for my new blog. I’ve always loved taking pictures as a hobby. I have tons of them lol.
All I can think right now is just how much of a relief it is not having to deal with toxic people, I’m so relaxed!
I hope y’all have a wonderful day! Remember……Removing toxic people=Happiness!
Love, Lori

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