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Attention Seeking Women


I hate that word! The biggest reason I hate it is because I have allowed some people to make me that way for a few days. I was pissed off because of a few very immature females that are driven only by getting attention from others. They thrive off of it on a daily basis. The only reason I got upset is because I’m sick of hearing about it not because they got to me. There ain’t nothing about them I would even want for a minute so no there’s no jealousy or envy anywhere at all, yet they keep posting how jealous I am on social media hahaha, they just wish I was jealous of them. It’s the process and the great lengths they go through to get that attention. It’s quite humorous really but mostly very ugly. I don’t care what their appearance is, how they choose to be makes them very very very ugly individuals. They convince others that they’re such good people until someone calls them out on their shit! They blow up, start accusing and blaming others, threaten you, blow up social media with there cute offensive posts lol, you know… temper tantrum, etc.
I know I have wrote about it a couple of times already but it’s so funny to watch them on social media. They suck in person and are the biggest pussies until they get behind that computer or phone, then they the baddest bitches they ever was…. I’ve wanted to post stuff on facebook mostly directed to these behaviors but they would never understand anyway because their minds are immature, it’s useless and childish.
All that need for attention is actually nothing funny, it’s mental issues. HPD (Histrionic personality disorder). They have to have excessive attention including inappropriately seductive behavior (a big ole ho) and an excessive need for approval, they express strong emotions, they have a high need for attention and make loud or inappropriate appearances, persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs, needing appreciation all the time. I ain’t no doctor but hey, I got google!
Honestly I feel sorry for them because they have a real problem. They may piss me off and do me wrong but then I remember there’s most likely something wrong in their mind and I just roll my eyes and ignore them. I do have one that is just showing some serious issues right now. Some days I’m not real sure how to take it other than to laugh. That person is soooooo convinced that they are right and has soooooo many on social media feeling sorry for them or cheering them on that it’s quite pathetic. If they only knew the truth lol….. Not my place to prove anything, people like that will show their own true self on their own…BUT if my personal life is fucked with, I will do what is necessary plus 10 fold to ruin them. I don’t play games nor seek revenge until I’m fucked with, better make sure you can handle what you’re dishing out and don’t forget I have proof. Just sit and watch, spiraling out of control, losing friends, losing attention, staying angry are signs they’re collapsing in their mess.
I have enough problems that life throws at me of my own. I’m not going to waste my time dealing with their childish behavior, although I don’t mind writing about them lol. The absolute best thing to do is to stay away as far as possible from people like that. They’re probably not going to change anytime soon.
There was a time where anyone could walk all over me and even if they were wrong or caught, I’d do nothing but hurt and cry in silence. Not anymore! IDGAF anymore who or what it is, I will flat out ask questions and call you out. I’m over being fucked with. I will not be the woman crying all the time anymore. Most people ain’t worth it and most of them aren’t real friends anyway, once the need of you is gone they’re gone. It’s such a strange feeling to not be able to trust anyone but at the same time it’s freeing. As long as my wall is up, they can’t get through to the real me and that real me is only known by a very small number of people. It will take moving mountains for me to ever open up again to anyone. I’m important and if they can’t see that and see that I’m worth it, worth not losing, then they can exit my life.
Hey Haters…HI
Love, Lori…………………. Yes I’m having fun with the colors haha

Lori Hensley

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