October 10, 2017

New Start..I think yes!

You know what? A new start sounds like a great damn idea. I’m serious. I’m so tired of the same ole thing. Not real sure what all I’m going to do but I’m going to reach out and grab it. Blogging is great, I love it. I want more exciting adventurous things going on in my life too. The same ole boring job with awful people is well..enough. I’m over it. I need true people in my life as well.
I ain’t getting any younger. My heart is restless and wants to run wild.
My goal is to write, just write and travel. I have such a passion for it. Just visiting local places I get a slight rush from it. From lakes to mountains or even parks I get such enjoyment from being there taking it all in. Just watch, one day I’ll disappear off in my dream to run wild and travel. Can’t wait.
It’s getting closer for my grandson to be born and I’m just so excited about him! Happy for my son and his wife too. Me and my sons have our little quirks like anybody but I love them with all my heart and would die to save them. They are my life.
A few of you might have seen a post I put up earlier but it’s been removed. I wrote about the junk and lies going on about me at my job. I just didn’t want that trash on my blog. I’m innocent so I don’t care what people say, I know the truth and I even know who the ‘firestarter’ is but I’m not a rat so I’ll never tell. Unless that person steps up and adults up I guess that means I have to take the rap for her huh?…Damn. I’m supposedly spreading rumors and lying about one certain girl which isn’t true. She causes her drama on her own and gets upset when people react negatively, then people start talking and so on, you know how it goes. Rumors. I’m being blasted on facebook right now as a liar and saying I talk trash about her to the whole company. She even says I’m doing it because I’m jealous of her…..hahahaha!!! Oh my damn I laughed my ass off when I read that, had to stop myself from commenting with laughing emojis! Lol. 😂🤣!!! I’m not real sure just what I’m supposed to be jealous of lol. I wouldn’t want her life, why would I? I guess that’s what they say when they ain’t got much of nothing else to say huh? Lol. I love myself and I love my own crazy life, I have two awesome sons and a few great ‘real’ friends outside of work. I don’t want someone else’s dull life instead haha and damn sure don’t want people looking at me and talking about me like they do her. Hoping for a job elsewhere. I’ve never seen such nonsense at any job like I have with this one.
Anyway that’s enough of talk about the little childrens corner at work lol. So pathetic 🙄.
I’m getting up early this morning (it’s after midnight already lol), and I’m going for a good run after exercising. Then I’ll hit the shower and do some cleaning at home. Probably write or read the rest of the day…probably be a nap in there somewhere. Why am I telling you about my day?….I have no idea lol. I’ll blame it on being sleepy.
Okay I’m out, I done dozed off and dropped my phone lol.
Love ya, Lori

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