October 9, 2017

No Title-Journal Talk

I have no idea for a title on this post LOL. Maybe childish?? Hell I don’t know lol. I’m pretty sure some are waiting for me to write about today so here it is. Let me tell you I think that my 19 & 22 year old sons have more maturity in them than most adults I’m around these days. It’s kinda funny but pathetic at the same time. Rumors get started and omg at how people run with it. I know I can be pretty damn mean but I don’t just make up shit and tell random people crazy stuff. Who does that? I do admit to repeating what I was told sometimes but only to ones that I thought were my friends, but I now know better. Come to find out that I’m also being talked about behind my back. But I don’t give a damn, that’s the difference. Only thing is, is that I’m glad I now know about it so I can keep to myself about my life. I will be quitting that job very soon. I don’t like it anyways and I really hate the atmosphere. I know everywhere you go there is horrible people but I hate the job more than I do the people so it’s kind of a nudge for me to move on to something else.
I actually don’t really have a lot to say, other than just the junk from today. I have been faced with some serious lying individuals. All I can say is I’m done, I’m done with people & current job. It’s like a freaking drama-soap opera house. Everybody talking about everybody. Yea, I’ve said shit I shouldn’t have here & there but I didn’t start no rumor like I’m being accused of. It’s kinda funny though because the ones that did the talking are pointing their blame at me. Hmmm, wonder why? I know, it’s because they already know me and such & such has issues and it would be easy to put the blame on me instead of acting like adults & accepting the fact that they screwed up. I won’t say their name but they know who the hell they are & I hope you feel the heat & start sweating your lady balls off reading this. But that’s okay, karma is a true mother fucking bitch. Just remember that. I’m used to it….used to people treating me like that when I’ve done nothing wrong to them.
Thing is I am 41 years old. I’m not into playing games with these adult-children or any kind of games for that matter. This nonsense has opened my eyes to everyone I deal with. If I feel uneasy from now on with anyone, I will let them go. My happiness is not found in fake people or in people at all. I have some good friends that I don’t work with that I’ve known for a very long time & they’ve never acted like this to me. They are true friends.
I’m not mad at anyone in particular just fed up with the whole thing.
ME-JEALOUS??? Hahahahahahahaha. Sorry I seen that on facebook and all I could do was laugh my ass off. Wtf would I be jealous of about another female? LOL. Why would I be jealous of her pathetic life? What I’m capable of as a woman, no other woman can touch me or even come close, especially the people I know. So no I’m not jealous of a damn soul. If I cut you off, more than likely you’ve pissed me off about something personal or caused me to not be able to trust you but jealous of you…nah not even a little bit. You ain’t got nothing I want or need, so get off your high horse honey.
I guess making the social media love them makes them feel better about themselves but we all know the truth.
People create their drama then get pissed off at other people’s reaction to it, haha. Newsflash: If you don’t want anyone to know or think of you badly….stop talking about your private life! Geez
These people don’t even really know me at all. They only know what I allow them to. So for all this nonsense that got started up about me, I just laugh at it. Whatever I guess, whatever.
Anyway I’ll keep doing me. I’m doing pretty good with the blogs and stuff. So I know I’ll get to where I want to be soon. I’ve dealt with a lot of shit and I’ve struggled like hell for awhile now. It has made me stronger and wiser so to speak. I don’t have time for petty childish nonsense in my life. There will always be haters no matter what, just sweep ’em up and take out the trash.
Good night
Love, Lori

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