October 5, 2017

Good afternoon!

My last day off before a long weekend to work at a miserable job. I guess it’s a job, thankful I’m employed but that is it….
I’m being my weird self today. Nothing on in the house, just listening to natures music and staring out the window at the trees lol. It’s relaxing in a sense. Better than bs.
I am loving blogging! One of the best things I’ve gotten into. Eases my mind sometimes and keeps me from going crazy on some people bahahaha.
I started a photo journal blog last night. I think I’m going to really like that one too. I love taking pictures!
Well that’s about all I had to say lol. Just trying to take it easy today and relax.
From my last post….if your’re feeling like me and feel unwanted, unattractive, etc. Just take a deep breathe and say ‘fuck that‘ and get your mind off of it. No one deserves to feel so damn unwanted.
Ttyl!….. Lori

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