October 1, 2017

What is peace?

Do you truly know? I’d say none of us truly do understand it really. But I do know what brings me calmness when I need it. Sitting on my front porch drinking my coffee in the cool mornings is very relaxing for me. Sometimes I just sit in my comfy spot in my bed for awhile and either write or netflix it. Listening to my music and dancing around is a whole nother level of relaxing to me. Music takes me to a place nothing or no one else can. Today I found a getaway spot in my local town at a recreational dept. I walked a track a good ways and found a bench. It’s away from everything and everyone, just how I like it. I reckon I’m a loner, always looking for quiet time and searching for areas away from people. It is nice right here on my bench… I claimed it lol. I’m sitting here now writing this enjoying the hell out of it. What are some things or places that take you to your personal peace? Relaxes you? I learned at a very young age to find peace. All the hells I’ve been in and through, I had to. That’s where writing and reading everything I could get my hands on originated. It was an escape to another world for me, from my own. I still today love getting caught up in a book to the point I forget time and troubles. If you normally don’t read, try it once. Start with a short book and just try. Those that have never really got lost in a book don’t understand the peace it can bring. It’s ten times better than a movie. Maybe read a book on one of your favorite movies, I promise it will be a ton more exciting, movies don’t capture all the details and excitement like the book does. Just give a try! My new found bench..
I’m gonna sit here a little longer and enjoy my new spot. Wish I brought a book lol. I will next time! Lori

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