October 1, 2017

Good Morning

I’m going to share a small part of one of my books I have picked back up to finish. It’s from chapter 2. The name of the book is ‘Alone’, (funny how when I started this book, I didn’t know I’d be alone today…). Anyway, the main character is Luke and he lives with his parents who are cruel sorry ass parents. Luke begins his own life journey to better himself and finds him a lady.
I will share it below. But first, I hope everyone has a great day today. I’m not sure what I’ll get into lol. May mow, may clean, may just snuggle up and netflix it all day haha. I love seeing the daylight, for some reason the past 2 nights I have had it pretty damn rough. The night before I woke up from a dead sleep around 1:30-2 am frightened like hell and having a panic attack. Last night I slept good but it took me forever to go to sleep. I guess somewhere around 5-6 pm I started feeling down. I tried shaking it off but I couldn’t. I didn’t have no attack but I couldn’t stop crying and I was freaking out about everything….maybe that was an attack, I don’t know. It finally left me real late and I passed out lol. Hopefully today I won’t have to deal with that shit. It’s rough going through it alone, but honestly I don’t know what anyone could do for me because I can’t even stand my own presence during them lol. It’s weird, sometimes I just feel bad and sorry about everything, then the next time I just don’t give a fuck and ready to fight. Beats me, I’ll make it…eventually.
So I’m inserting a part of chapter 2 from ‘Alone’ here:
Luke rolled over and looked at his clock and seen that it was 10 o’clock. He jumped up and thought about Jenny immediately because he was worried she was going to be harassed at school because of her leaving with him yesterday. He changed his shirt and socks, grabbed his book bag, kicked the chair from out in front of the door that was keeping his parents out. When Luke opened the door, Jack his dad was standing there like an old mad grizzly bear drunk out of his mind. Luke just stood there and trembled. Jack came toward Luke and shoved him backwards causing him to fall on the floor. Luke tried to escape but Jack had straddled him and started smacking and punching Luke’s head. Jack stood up, Luke rolled onto his side to get up then Jack kicked Luke a couple of times in the back. As Jack started to leave Luke’s room, he turned and said, ‘maybe from now on you’ll get up and go to school or go find a job you sorry piece of shit. I don’t want you around here anymore. I didn’t even want you, you were an oops’. Then he left the room yelling Alma..Alma! Fix me some food!. 
Luke laid there in the floor quietly crying to himself and wondering if anything was broke because his back was hurting so bad from Jack kicking him. He rolled over onto his back staring at the ceiling wondering what he ever did wrong for his parents to just hate him so bad. He wondered how to get out of the house, for good. Luke laid there in that floor for a long time before he got up. He thought of Jenny and how did her day go. He had to leave and get away from his parents somehow. It was hours since Jack beat him and he had been laying in the floor. Luke slowly got up, grunting because of his sore back. He reached under his bed and pulled out an old duffle bag, put what clothes he had in it and a couple of his grandparents pictures. They did love him but Luke was very young when they died so he barely remembers them. He snuck into the living room and took a thin throw blanket. He grabbed his comb and toothbrush, and small tube of toothpaste. He started to go back into his room when he noticed his parents left their bedroom door open, he could hear Jack snoring, Luke sat down what he had in his hands by his door. He slowly and quietly walked toward his parents room. He got to the door and peaked in and saw they were both sound asleep. Luke looked around the room for Alma’s purse and Jack’s wallet. Jack’s wallet was on the dresser. He reached out slowly and grabbed it, opened it up and pulled out a wod of cash and crammed it in his pocket and laid the wallet back down. Luke seen his mom’s purse laying in the floor on her side of the bed. Luke quietly walked over to the purse, grabbed it and her car keys hit the floor. Luke stopped dead in his tracks. Alma rolled over but didn’t wake up. Purse in hand, Luke left the room. He picked up what he had sat down by his door and went back into his room. 
Luke dumped her purse onto his bed. There was pill bottles and a bag of weed or so he assumed since he hadn’t actually seen weed before. He opened her wallet and it was empty. He noticed a white envelope laying there in her purse contents. He picked it up and opened it and there was and even bigger wod of cash and a food stamp card with a piece of paper wrapped around it that had the pin number to it. Luke chuckled and thought how lucky am I? He stuck the whole envelope in his duffle bag and a few other things, zipped it up, climbed out his window for fear of waking his parents up. 
Luke thought about looking back as he was walking away from the house but couldn’t think of any good reason to. He didn’t ever want to go back let along……………………
Let me know what you think please. I like the story and I think it’s going to be a good book. I just wish I had more time to write though.
Have a great day!

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