September 26, 2017


I didn’t want to write a story on this one, just the juicy parts.
These are short wants & needs this woman is seeking from a man. Details of what she would like for him to do to her body.

Wants & Needs:
Pull me close to you & wrap your arms around me tight. Kiss my neck, then my lips. As I wrap my arms around your neck, you stroking my hair, looking into my eyes.
Slowly undressing me.. Completely. Speaking words on how beautiful I am to you.
Pulling me back to you, softly running your hands down my back and caressing my ass. Touching every part of my body as if it was your first time. Taking it all in.
Hands on both sides of my face while you kiss my lips every so gently.
While I’m still standing, you kiss my neck, kiss the center of my chest then kiss with tongue on each nipple. Kissing down my stomach then kissing each inner thigh, repeatedly closer and closer to my pussy.
Gently kissed my pussy. Sliding your tongue slowly up and down my pussy lips. Then licking and sucking on my clit, running the tip of your tongue all over it.
Laying me on the bed. Spreading my legs with the look on your face that I’m delicious. Putting your tongue inside of me, in and out. Sucking on my entire pussy like your mouth is my tiny vacuum.
Placing your fingers inside me slowly then fast, and faster ’til I cum. Leaving your fingers very wet. You put your mouth back on me and drink up my juice’s.
Kissing your way back up to my mouth, kissing me deeply, allowing me to taste my pussy with you.
Flipping me over. Caressing my back, my ass, and my legs. Spreading my legs again and raising my bottom up a tad. You put you tongue inside my pussy again, then licked up to my ass. Twirling your tongue around and kissing my ass. You seem to be enjoying yourself, I’m moaning and squirming with pleasure.
You sat me up on the side of the bed. Took off your clothes, your dick is so hard. Placing one of your hands on the side of my face pulling me to you, you put your dick in my mouth. Both your hands on my head while I’m sucking on you, your making very sexy little moans.
Back onto the bed. You over me, kissing me and teasing my pussy with your dick. Slowly you put yourself inside of me until you filled me up. Slowly stroking while caressing my hair and staring into my eyes. You move faster and faster until I’m clinching your arms. I’m so wet. Your so hard. The pleasure is almost unbearable. Mind blowing.
My trembling legs up on your shoulders. You pounding my pussy. We both finish together moaning and sweating. We cuddle up tight together right after and fall asleep.
Until our next delicious ride, this one will keep me satisfied my love…….


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