September 25, 2017

Lost In Emotion 

I’m a very sensitive person. Lol, bet y’all don’t think that? But really I am, I play hard core which I am mostly but some things get at me….friendships, relationships & my children. 
I honestly don’t focus on friendships or relationships anymore other than the few friends I have left. When your life gets hard, you find out who’ll be there & who’s true. One thing that just really pisses me off is having people you thought were a friend & find out that all along that they was nothing other than they’re two faced idiot. But it happens I guess. They live 2-3 different secret lives at once & eventually we start seeing them all. 
Well it sure is a nice day today in Georgia & I’m off work yay! I’m just taking it easy today, the weekend shift is rough. 3 days=36  hours, should be illegal lol. Been doing that for a little over 4 years & I’m burnt out on it. 
I’m sure hoping for a break sometime soon. A couple of days off just ain’t enough. Whatever or wherever I go for a mini break  I’ll be by myself, don’t want to go to far off from home. 
I’ll be posting a dirty little post later. It’s not necessarily a story, more like a letter from a woman to a man. 
Have a great rest of the day!

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