September 23, 2017

Morning it is!

Good morning people.
I woke up late again ugh. I’m not a morning person too much and it really sucks when I have to kick it in high gear to get to work on time.
Talked with my son the other day and possibilities of moving to Kentucky are still being discussed. Not sure if I will move back there but my son seems to want to with his wife and baby on the way.
I know I’ve wrote about it before but here it is again. I’m so sick of the childish behavior by grown ass people on social media. They attack you with memes instead of coming to your face and telling you they have a problem with you. Pathetic. They do you wrong, you get upset or fed up with them, then they get mad at you for calling them out or getting mad at them….. Childish I tell ya.
If I move to Kentucky though I could start all over because I don’t know a soul there anymore other than a couple of girlfriends from highschool. I don’t know, that’s a big decision I’m not sure I’m ready for.
It’s so crazy how I feel I swear. One minute I’m up then the next I’m down but at least I ain’t like I was though. I don’t cry too much anymore. I’m starting to see people for what they’re worth and that helps on that part. Don’t so much give a shit about them anymore really.
Adjusting my crown and taking a different walk. Just got to sometimes. It’s the worth thing, I know what I deserve.
I used to have so many people in my life and now I can count them on one hand. Just shows how fake they all were. I grew up some by letting them go, too much immaturity and drama.
And relationships…… Blah. I don’t think I’ll ever get married again lol, too much drama.
Not sure where I was going with this post. I mostly just write what’s on my mind or heart at the moment. Lol
I’m trying to be more hopeful and just go with the flow instead of stressing out so damn much, like with rent and shit like I do. I can’t stand being behind or not being able to take care of my own junk, kinda prideful I reckon. I’ll get there one day lol.
Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!
Update : Kentucky is out. Florida is in!!! I just might move there… More than likely will!

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