September 21, 2017

Pay Attention 

I can’t stress enough about paying attention to the people around you. I sometimes have to go back and reread my own preaching. It’s so easy to hear words and fall for it no matter who it’s coming from, even family.
Pay attention to their actions more than their words. No matter who it is in your life you’re uneasy about.
I know and can sense shit and can’t say a damn word. At least I’m trying not to. But I do however log everything into my daily journal about everybody, good or bad. It helps to write it all down and it keeps me from going off on people for the most part.
But the thing that kills me the most is people saying or acting like they care but don’t have time to text, call, or make time to see me. All that tells me is they really don’t care about me until they need me to fulfill a need for them, then it goes right back to the same way of acting like they don’t know me.
Lying and cheating is of course way above that.
Actions will show you so much!!!!!
If you’re told your cared about but it’s never shown….you’re not cared about.
It sucks to know the things I know and have to keep my mouth shut. All because I started paying more attention, it’s not a bad thing, it’s a sad thing. Some think they’re pulling shit over on me but I got news…..I know wtf is going on with several people. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know. Does make me sick at my stomach though and pissed off. About to delete them from my life, even family. But sometimes you just have to, toxic people will destroy you.
Like I’ve said I don’t like sharing too much personal stuff, which I’m really not, writing in circles and just writing ‘at’ it again. But by all means, those that start sweating or their heart starts pounding, yea it’s probably about ya. Lol! Sweat it out! Haha. Yes I’m an asshole! 𗀔
But seriously though. Pay attention to actions not words. I started doing that and it’s opened my eyes to how people really care or don’t care about me. I’m tired of getting ran all over by people. Gotta stand up for yourself because no one else will and trust me those kinds of people sure as hell will keep doing what they do until you stop them! Even family and close friends and bosses, etc.!
I’m technically single, I’m the only paying my bills, so I no longer give a shit about a lot of stuff or certain people. I don’t have too and I don’t have to put up with half-ass people or half-ass jobs or half-ass anything!
The way I see it is like this….I know who I am. I know what I bring to the table. I know how much I can love. I know how faithful I can be. I know how much I can rock a mans world. BUT it all can do a 360 as soon as I am mistreated, lied too, cheated on, took for granted or used!! I’ve yet to have met someone that hasn’t cheated on me. So my man-dar is always up.
It sucks that everyday all day long I can’t trust no one. And it’s because no one has ever been true to me. I must have STUPID written across my forehead or something.
I’m not just bragging on myself, I know I’m missed, walking away from me was regretted. But I’m not sorry. I can only take so much bullshit. Even with friends. I don’t just say I’m a good person to convince you…..I am. The reason I say it is because some are fucking up and about to lose me and won’t realize what they’re fixing to lose because they think I won’t walk away. I most certainly will.
Yes I’m kinda bitchy today but hey I got reasons to be. You sit alone everyday all day with no one coming to see you or text or call you, but say they care about you and see if you don’t get bitchy too.
It does really help to learn people by paying attention to actions more than words though. Thanks for reading my griping too LOL. I gotta vent sometimes! Y’all are awesome!!
Love, Lori

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